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Enjoy the written update for the just out section of the thrilling TV drama Yeh Hai Chahatein released on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Star Plus. Raj Loses His Voice is the designation of the ahead of the game episode number S2 E672.


The medical professional claims that Raj lost his voice before to the tournament as a result of ingesting something hazardous. Later, Vidyuth attributes Raj’s predicament on Kanchan and Pihu.


The episode starts with Raj is seen by the doctor. Raj, according to him, lost his voice. It occurred as a result of consuming food or liquid. He says that tests are necessary to determine the cause of his illness.

Raj was OK before the tournament, according to Pihu. The doctor then departs. Raj is questioned by Rudraksh about whether he had any food before the tournament. Raj received green tea from Kanchan, according to Vidyut.

He claims it is Kanchan and Pihu’s game. Rudraksh questions Pihu about why she would act in such a way when competing against Raj. To exact retribution on him, Vidyut informs him of this. He claims that since Raj was Rudraksh’s pupil, major record labels were interested in learning more about him.

He also says that the image of the rudraksha has suffered. He is prompted to halt by Pihu. She claims that she drank green tea as well. He doesn’t experience anything, he says, except for Raj losing his voice.

Raj’s career is ended, he claims, and he is disqualified from the tournament. He continues, “Raj was hired by Pihu to get vengeance on Rudraksh. He is urged by Armaan to cease blaming Thakurs. Kanchan claims that she took no action.

According to Vidyut, the Thakur family is a bad family. After losing his cool, Armaan attempts to assault him. He is told by Preesha that fighting is useless. Rudraksh asks Vidyut not to speak.

They must go, Preesha declares. Pihu declares her desire to be with Raj. Armaan reprimands her. From there, Pihu is taken by Thakurs.

Rudraksh eventually claims that Kanchan has a decent heart. Vidyut describes him as trustworthy and easygoing. He speculates that Armaan could have added something to the tea in an effort to eliminate him. He remembers adding some powder to Raj’s green tea.

He believes that by humiliating Raj, he exacted retribution. Khuranas enters the residence. Raj is informed by Rudraksh that his voice will soon be heard. To take his medications, he requests He was assured by Vidyut that Raj would be cared for.

Meanwhile, Thakurs arrives at the residence. Armaan begs his family to refrain from discussing Khuranas. Preesha is informed by Kanchan that she accomplished nothing. Preesha assures her that she may be trusted before entering.

Her plant has died, as Kanchan has noticed. Prem irritates her. She uses an outhouse. She probes children about prem.

She is informed by Ruhi that Prem left the home. Kanchan discusses plants. Preesha queries her as to what transpired. Kanchan tells her the whole truth.

She declares that Prem will not be spared today. Prem went to get fertiliser, according to Ruhi. She enters the restroom. She tells Rudraksh everything over the phone.

Digvijay informs Armaan that he used Raj to destroy Rudraksh’s reputation. He is informed by Armaan that he accomplished nothing. They are unsure about the perpetrator. Rudraksh notices that his false eyebrows are missing in the meantime.

He dials up Vanshika. She is asked to provide MK-sourced false eyebrows. He learns through Vanshika that MK is not in the city.