Armaan to Expose Rudraksh β€” Yeh Hai Chahatein | 01 Sep

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Check the written update for the modern scene of the blessed television broadcast Yeh Hai Chahatein pronounced on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Armaan to Expose Rudraksh is the label of the up-to-date episode number S2 E674.


When Raj is upset about losing his voice, Pihu tries to comfort him in any way that she can. Armaan, meantime, comes to the realization that Rudraksh has acquired the pricey plant.


Aryan considers how a gardener, Prem, gave a dying plant new life. He makes a pit stop at the trash cans and discovers Kanchan’s dead plant there. When he notices that Prem replaced a dying plant with a fresh one, he wonders where Prem got the money to purchase such a pricey plant. He considers questioning the florist after noticing his address.

Pihu phones Raj and inquires about his health. Raj tosses his phone aside in frustration after being unable to communicate. Pihu apologizes for his state and expresses her desire to sing alongside him and her dreams of his succeeding in the tournament. She vows to track down the person responsible for ruining his voice and to get him a music deal with a major label.

After ruining Raj’s voice, Vidyuth takes the phone and tells Pihu to stop bothering him and not to contact him ever again. Raj is urged by him not to put his faith in Pihu and his family, from whom their family has frequently suffered. When Armaan sees a dead orchid plant, he asks the florist who purchased it from him. He looks through the order book and notes that Rudraksh Khurana and Kanchan Thakur had purchased orchid plants; in fact, Rudra’s plant was delivered this morning with priority.

Rudra gives Armaan the order invoice, and he leaves for home. He calls him Prem after gathering his family. Prem enters. Armaan inquires as to whether he revived Kanchan’s plant using his knowledge or whether a new plant was used in its stead.

Prem claims that he used his expertise to revitalize it. Arman asks him where the plant came from after showing him a dead one. He claims that Kanchan’s name is written on the plant, which he discovered in a trash can and learned had also been bought by someone from a florist. Preesha queries how it is feasible given that Prem cannot afford to purchase such an expensive plant.

Rudra purchased this plant and gave it to Prem, according to the paperwork Armaan showed her. According to Prem and Rudra, Armaan doesn’t give anybody an opportunity to trap him. Prem is Rudra’s assistant, according to Armaan, but despite his repeated assurances, they refused to believe him. Rudra’s wife, Vanshika, comes in disguise.

Prem is visibly astonished. He is asked to introduce Vanshika to everyone. Prem is mute at this point. Prem’s wife, Prema, claims she is not.

She claims that her husband wasn’t at fault since she took the plant from the owner of the business where she works and gave it to Prem after he had phoned to notify her that he had been fired for failing to plant a priceless orchid plant in time and it had perished. Armaan claims that although she came up with a convincing tale, she was unaware that Rudra had purchased this plant the previous morning. Rudra’s mother, Sharda, enjoys gardening, and after learning that Prema had stolen his mother’s favorite orchid plant, Rudra replaced it and dismissed Prema. Prem apologizes to Armaan and explains that a plant he planted perished.