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Get the written update for the cool scene of the distracting serial Yeh Hai Chahatein released on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Pihu’s Kind Gesture is the label of the revolutionary episode number S2 E675.


Rudraksh is spared from being humiliated in front of the Thakurs thanks to Vanshika. Pihu, on the other hand, visits the Khurana home in order to offer her apology to Raj.


The episode starts with Prem begging Armaan’s pardon. He claims that although he planted the bush, it perished. He continues by saying he didn’t think Indian mud would work. He went to get fertiliser next.

He claims that lying was a grave error. He explains to him that he lied because he wanted to keep the job. Prema requests that Prem not be punished for her error. She assures them that Prem loves them a great deal.

According to her, they cannot find a gardener like Prem. Preesha claims that Prem puts a lot of effort into his job. She continues, “He is such a great guy. What Kanchan says is accurate.

Prem, according to her, also has solid experience. Prema queries if she won’t dismiss Prem from his position. Kanchan claims that she can comprehend Prem’s motives for lying. Additionally, she won’t let him go since she can’t find a better gardener.

Prem and Prema appreciate Kanchan. Prema declares that she will now remain with Prem. According to Armaan, he won’t give up. She is informed by him that she must go.

Prema makes a fake weep. She admits to Kanchan that she has nowhere else to stay. She claims that Prem is essential to her existence. She begs for compassion from her.

She also asks for Preesha. Prem separates from Prema. He implores her not to weep. He promised Preesha that he would see to it that Prema didn’t cause them any problems.

He claims Prema is capable of doing housework. He continues by saying that he would eat with Prema. Prema may remain there, according to Kanchan. Preesha requests that Prem take Prema to the restroom.

Children are concerned about rudraksh. Vanshika travels there with Rudraksh. If the children did not recognise Vanshika, she asked them to. Saaransh informs Ruhi that he recognises Vanshika.

Ruhi claims that she was really duped. Vanshika is asked by Rudraksh why she did everything. He is informed by Vanshika that she disposed of the plant in the trash. She claims that when she went back for it, Armaan already had it in his possession.

And she came to rescue Rudraksh, she continues. Rudraksh acknowledges her. Pihu walks inside Khurana’s home. She explains to Sharda that she came to find out Raj’s condition.

She is taken to Raj’s room by Sharda. Rudraksh instructs his crew to meet the doctor. Raj notices Pihu and thinks back to Vidyut’s remarks. He receives an apology from Pihu for his unauthorised arrival.

She advises him to concentrate on the future. She claims to have captured their performance during rehearsal. She tells him that she sent the audio file to K Music. She claims they phoned him for a test.

She tells him that his audition is the following week. She begs him to persevere. She is prompted to leave the residence by Vidyut. He orders her to put an end to her show of pity.

Khuranas tells the doctor everything. The doctor informs Rudraksh that Preesha is forgetting things since she is taking various medications. He claims that if Preesha stopped taking those medications, she would gradually recover her memories. Armaan’s room will be searched by Khuranas.

Ruhi later observes Armaan combining powder with water.