Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Rudraksh Investigates Armaan’s Room

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Enjoy the written update for the popular scene of the dulcet TV show Yeh Hai Chahatein provided on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. Rudraksh Investigates Armaan’s Room is the subtitle of the newly discovered episode number S2 E676.


Rudraksh finds out through Roohi that Armaan uses narcotics to maintain control over Preesha, and he decides to examine Armaan’s chamber as quickly as possible. Pihu is later provided with some alarming facts by Raj.


The episode starts with Preesha receiving the water that Armaan has prepared by adding some powder to it. Ruhi observes everything and informs Rudraksh about it. Rudraksh affirms that his scepticism was valid. He instructs them to look in Armaan’s room for the medication.

He claims that while Armaan is away from the home, they must seek the medication in Armaan’s chamber. The next day, Vanshika claims she scheduled home duties so she could easily access Armaan’s room. Ruhi promises to accompany Vanshika to assist her. They depart from that point.

Rudraksh is advised by Saaransh to relax since Vanshika and Ruhi’s squad is strong. Kanchan learns from Ruhi that she came to seek Preesha’s aid with her assignment. Prema is questioned by Armaan as to why she is there. Kanchan informs him that Prema was given the task of cleaning the home since she wanted to do any labour.

Armaan gives her a nod before leaving the home. When Saaransh and Rudraksh see this, they are delighted. Digvijay comes back for the file. When Saaransh and Rudraksh see Digvijay, they are stunned.

Rudraksh calls out to Vanshika while using the restroom, but she doesn’t answer. Prema looks into Armaan’s medication cabinet. There, Digvijay arrives. What is she doing in Armaan’s room?

he queries. In horror, Prema spills the flower vase. There, everyone visits. Kanchan queries what transpired.

According to Prema, she was cleaning Armaan’s room when Digvijay yelled, shocking her. She is asked by Kanchan to tidy the other room. Prema adjourns the space. Kanchan is informed by Digvijay that Prema had worked at Rudraksh’s residence.

He is advised not to overthink things by Kanchan. He takes a file and exits the room. Raj and Pihu meet in front of the Thakurs’ home. He is informed by Pihu that he remained silent when Vidyut threw her out of the home.

He claims that someone intentionally added something to his green tea so he would lose his voice. If he suspects her, she asks. He informs her that he is aware she is unable to carry out such an action. He claims that on that particular day, he only drank green tea.

He requests her assistance in identifying the true offender. She promises to assist him, she says. Rudraksh is apologised for by Vanshika. Rudraksh reassures her that it’s okay.

He insists that they must exchange the medications tonight, no matter what. Armaan will get sleeping medications from them. In Armaan’s delectable dish, Prema adds sleeping drugs. Armaan receives it from her.

Armaan heads to his room since he needs to sleep. Rudraksh enters Armaan’s chamber covertly with his group. They attest to Armaan’s slumber. They look around the room for medication.

Rudraksh claims that the artwork has a hidden meaning. By accident, they removed the painting and dropped it. From Armaan’s room, Preesha can hear disturbances. Pihu is thanked by Raj for agreeing to assist.

Disparaging Pihu, Vidyut Raj informs him that he is aware of Pihu’s innocence. He admits that Pihu is assisting him in identifying the true offender. Hearing him shocks Vidyut.