Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2022 Written Update — Rudraksh’s Genius Plan

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Let’s experience the written update for the most recently released episode of the pleasurable telecast Yeh Hai Chahatein produced on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Rudraksh’s Genius Plan is the label of the most modern episode number S2 E678.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S2 E678
Title: Rudraksh’s Genius Plan
Summary Rudraksh is the one who unearths the medication that was concealed in Armaan’s chamber. After some time has passed, he reenacts a memory for Preesha by bringing a pregnant goat inside the home.


The episode starts with Ruhi approaching Preesha with a request to learn a poem from her. Ruhi prevents Kanchan from leaving the location just as she is ready to depart. According to Ruhi, she is going to have to deliver a poem in front of a large audience. She politely requests that she be her audience. Preesha thinks Ruhi is an adorable little girl.

She gushes to Ruhi about how fortunate the mother of the latter is. Ruhi thinks Preesha is her biological mother. Kanchan gives her consent to continue living there. Kanchan receives word from Prem that he must alter the containers in which the saplings are being grown. Kanchan has requested that he carry it out.

He walks into the home. He asks Vanshika to let him know if anybody else shows up. He needs help from Saaransh to remove the artwork. Kanchan asked Ruhi to first memorise the poetry, and then Kanchan would be her audience. The latter is informed by Ruhi that they cannot go inside.

She persuades her to remain in the garden. Rudraksh accesses Armaan’s safe using Armaan’s fingerprint. He switches out the old medication with the newly developed medicine. He hopes Preesha gets better soon. They have to leave before anyone else arrives at the location.

Saaransh reminded him that he has to switch out the pots that the saplings are growing in. Rudraksh, with Vanshika’s help, alters the pots that contain the seedlings. Pihu approaches a security guard at the institution and requests to see a video recording of the green room. He shows the video footage. She believes she would not show mercy to whoever handled what happened to Raj.

When she sees Vidyut adding a powder to Raj’s green tea, she is taken aback and frightened. She vows to herself that she will not be merciful to Vidyut. She exposes him. It dawns on her that Vidyut has been lying to both her and Raj the whole time. She requests that he provide her with the film.

He instructs her to return to him in sixty minutes. It is from there that she departs. Preesha receives her medication and water from Armaan. Khuranas is aware of such a fact. They go to the bathroom outside.

The medicine successfully restores Preesha’s memory. Ruhi has suggested that they should take some action. According to him, Preesha adores her children. According to Saaransh, Preesha enjoys her work just as much as she does. He claims Preesha was of help to everyone.

Rudraksh agrees that Preesha enjoyed her work very much. He claims Preesha assisted many individuals throughout the delivery process. Vanshika inquires what the strategy is going to be. He relays the information that they are required to act out a similar experience in front of Preesha. She explains to him that they won’t be able to find a pregnant woman to do that for them.

Saaransh mentions that he has a thought on the matter. After a while, Prema and Ruhi come back with a pregnant goat. Both Kanchan and Preesha were taken aback when they saw it. According to Prema, her goat would be neglected by everyone, so she had no choice but to take it there. She divulges the news that her goat is expecting a baby.

Armaan and Digvijay go to the location. They told Prema that the goat was not allowed to remain in that location. Kanchan shares their point of view. Kanchan is informed by Prem that having a goat around would be beneficial to the garden. According to him, the goat would eat the wild grass.

Prema is concerned about what has become of her goat. According to Preesha, the goat is about to give birth. According to Prem, they do not have access to a physician. Preesha claims that she can assist with the birth of the baby. She requests that they bring some hot water as well as linens for the bed.

Later on, Prem expresses his gratitude to Preesha for all of her assistance. He claims that he was unaware that Preesha was a medical professional.