Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2022 Written Update — Pihu’s Plan Backfires

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Enjoy the written update for the brand-new scene of the heavenly television broadcast Yeh Hai Chahatein ventilated on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Pihu’s Plan Backfires is the moniker of the another episode number S2 E679.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S2 E679
Title: Pihu’s Plan Backfires
Summary The remark that Rudraksh made about Preesha causes her to ruminate about her history. Later, Pihu makes an unsuccessful attempt to reveal Vidyut’s identity in front of Khuranas.


This first segment features Prem’s claims that he is unaware that Preesha is a medical professional. Preesha reveals to him she does not work in the medical field. If she is not a medical professional, he wants to know how she achieved it. She claims she does not comprehend either and that she just followed her mind’s instructions when she acted.

She continues by saying that she had the impression that she had already given birth. He informs her she is a doctor to him because she handled everything so nicely. It mystified her how she is so knowledgeable about childbirth. According to Digvijay, delivery videos may be found on the internet, and Preesha most likely has already viewed one of them.

Preesha believes that to be a viable option. Armaan thinks he has to raise the dosage of the medication that Preesha takes. A security officer gives Pihu a pen drive when he is at the institution. She decides to provide Raj and Rudraksh with the video from the surveillance camera.

She communicates with Raj via a message. Rudraksh and his companions enjoy the fruits of their labor. According to Saaransh, everything went according to plan and worked out well. Vanshika inquires what they intend to do with the goat and the kid it has.

Rudraksh explains to her that they can deliver them to their location. He realizes Raj’s message. After some time has passed, Rudraksh will inquire of Pihu as to the reason she has summoned everyone together. Pihu reveals to Vidyut that she did not know he could stoop to such a low level.

She continues by saying that Vidyut is a traitor. Rudraksh questions her about what all of this is about. He inquires of Vidyut as to the reason for Pihu’s continuing to blame him. Vidyut reveals to him that he has evolved and that he has no clue as to why Pihu holds him responsible.

Pihu informs him that he is behaving badly in the situation. She claims he has not developed in any way at all. Vidyut instructs her to quit spouting rubbish. It is revealed by Pihu that Raj is unable to speak due to Vidyut.

She claims Vidyut tampered with Raj’s green tea by adding a powder to it. Vidyut questions her about whether she has any evidence. Pihu claims that she can provide evidence. She lets Rudraksh know that she has video from the CCTV cameras in the green room.

She plays the clip from the CCTV camera. Pihu, along with the rest of the others, is taken aback when they observe Armaan stirring something into Raj’s green tea. Pihu asserts that this statement is not accurate. She also adds that she recognized Vidyut in this security camera video.

Vidyut describes how he spotted Pihu looking at the video from the CCTV camera. The security officer provides him with the first video from the CCTV system. He gives him instructions to provide Pihu with a fabricated CCTV video. He believes that Pihu’s turn in the game is over.

He believes that from this point on, the fun will begin. Pihu is questioned about whether or not she fabricated any video evidence to use against him. According to him, it would seem like Pihu made a mistake by revealing the original CCTV video. He reveals to Rudraksh that Pihu has been having issues with him ever since they first met.

Pihu asserts that she is telling the truth. She also mentions that the only time she saw Vidyut was on the surveillance tape. Vidyut informs her that the game cannot continue. She explains to him that he would have altered the surveillance video had he been there.

Rudraksh implores her to halt the behavior. According to him, Armaan is the one who committed the crime. Pihu is questioned by Raj about whether or not she would support him in his conflict with Armaan. Rudraksh has indicated that he intends to file a formal complaint against Armaan.