Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Armaan Gets Arrested

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Explore the written update for the up-to-the-minute article of the charming TV broadcast Yeh Hai Chahatein provided on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Armaan Gets Arrested is the pseudonym of the newly published episode number S2 E680.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S2 E680
Title: Armaan Gets Arrested
Summary Rudraksh presents the fabricated video that Pihu sent to him and then requests that Armaan be taken into custody. After some time has passed, Rudraksh devises a strategy to assist in restoring Preesha’s memories.


This first segment features Pihu assures Khuranas that she is telling the truth about everything. Rudraksh is grateful to her for bringing the video from the CCTV cameras. He has said that he would be filing a complaint with the police against Armaan. She begs him not to carry out her request since Armaan is not guilty.

She claims that Vidyut is a traitor to the group. He warns her to not utter a word against Vidyut. He gives her the command to get out of there immediately. It is from there that she departs.

Vidyut is under the impression that Raj and Pihu’s narrative has come to an end. Sharda is informed by Rudraksh that Armaan would not be spared. Pihu finally makes it to her residence. While clutching Preesha, she sobs her eyes out.

Everyone inquires about what took place with Pihu. Pihu is of the opinion that she made a significant error. Rudraksh travels there with the law enforcement. He requests the police inspector to place Armaan under arrest.

Digvijay and Preesha both inquire as to what Armaan has been up to. Rudraksh plays the film from the CCTV camera. He claims that Armaan tampered with Raj’s green tea by adding a powder to it. Armaan claims that he was not there at the moment in question.

Rudraksh asserts that Raj is unable to speak due to Armaan’s influence. Armaan says that Rudraksh lying. He goes on to say that the video must be phoney. Rudraksh divulges the information that Pihu was the one who presented the video to him.

Pihu claims that she saw Vidyut in the video while she was at college, and she saw it there. She goes on to say that she has no idea where the video originated from. According to Kanchan, Armaan was not present in the green room during the relevant moment. The police inspector believes that Armaan would have tampered with Raj’s green tea while no one else was there to see what he did.

Armaan reveals to him that Rudraksh is the one responsible for all of this. He claims that he is certain that this video is a hoax. Police inspector orders Constable to arrest Armaan. They took Armaan into custody.

Armaan explains to Rudraksh that the battle is not yet won. Armaan is taken by the police from that location. Pihu cries. Rudraksh receives a reprimand from Preesha.

The children and Vanshika watch as the police take Armaan away. Rudraksh is questioned over what exactly took place. Rudraksh provides them with all of the information. He claims that it is already Friday night, which means that Armaan will not receive bail for another two days.

He also mentions that they need to make use of these two days. Armaan inquires of Digvijay on the current situation. He claims that he did not participate in any illegal activity. Digvijay explains to him that the attorney is attempting to get bail.

The police inspector informs them that today is Friday, which means that they would only have to wait two days before they can apply for bail. Armaan entrusts Digvijay with the responsibility of administering Preesha’s medication while his absence. Rudraksh reveals to his companions that Preesha would succeed in regaining her memories no matter what it takes. Ruhi has informed Preesha that she will get an invitation to her birthday celebration.

She goes on to say that they are going to take Preesha on a picnic. Rudraksh asserts that Preesha was playing basketball at the location in question. The next day, Ruhi offers Preesha a piece of chocolate. She tells her that it is her birthday today, but she is lying to her.

She makes a request for a present from her. Preesha inquires as to what the latter is looking for from her. Ruhi extends an invitation for her to accompany her on a picnic. Preesha explains to her that she would not be able to accompany her today.

The tears begin to fall for Ruhi. Kanchan is successful in persuading Preesha to accompany Ruhi. Kanchan is the one Digvijay chooses to accompany them. Rudraksh hides his phone in the cabinet, but he never remembers to lock the door.