Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rudraksh in a Tight Corner

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When Pihu learns that Sharda has been lying to her about Rudraksh, she is completely taken aback. While all is going on, Digvijay finds Rudraksh’s phone hidden away in Prem ji’s closet.


Get to know the written update for the revolutionary chapter of the riveting telecast Yeh Hai Chahatein proclaimed on Monday, 12th September 2022. Rudraksh in a Tight Corner is the label of the all-new episode number S2 E683.


Sharda brings Pihu to Rudraksh’s chamber to start the episode. When Pihu views Preesha’s images, she is astonished. Sharda shows her Preesha’s possessions. Rudraksh, according to her, has kept everything secure.

She claims that Rudraksh is certain Preesha will eventually return to him. She assures her that the other person can only see love, not hate, in such pictures. She claims that Rudraksh cannot torment Preesha since she is his life. Rudraksh, according to her, would do everything for Preesha.

She said Rudraksh is currently working as a gardener at her home. She claims that children reside there because they cannot separate from their mothers. She challenges her on how the latter could doubt Rudraksh’s devotion. Pihu is startled when he hears her.

Sharda recognizes what she said. Preesha, however, admits to Ruhi that she enjoyed it the most. She compliments her for throwing such a fantastic party. She should thank her, Prem advises.

They have one more surprise in store, according to Digvijay. The hall is where he leads them. He displays to them Rudraksh’s phone. Rudraksh realizes it’s his phone at the time.

He questions how Digvijay discovered it. He feels that he should have adequately closed the cabinet. Preesha queries Digvijay about giving Ruhi a phone as a present. Digvijay informs her that this phone is not hers.

She inquires as to whose phone this is. He adopts the name Rudraksh. How is it possible, she wonders him. She learns that he discovered this phone in Prem’s cabinet.

Regarding Rudraksh’s phone, Preesha questions Prem. Armaan was accurate in his assessment of Prem, according to Digvijay. Preesha claims that she treated Prem like a part of her family. There, Sharda shows up.

She explains to Saaransh that he unintentionally brought Rudraksh’s phone there. Everyone who hears her is stunned. Where is Rudraksh’s phone? She asks Saaransh.

Saaransh gestures at Digvijay. She attempts to steal Digvijay’s phone. Digvijay inquires as to Saaransh’s silence up to this point. Saaransh informs him that he has discovered that he accidentally carried Rudraksh’s phone.

Sharda declares that she will be late. Digvijay hands the phone to her, and she then departs. Rudraksh later thanks, Sharda. He queries her on how she is aware of the phone.

Pihu informs him that Sharda was informed about the phone. She refers to him as a Rudraksh. He impersonates Prem. She claims to be aware of the truth.

Sharda claims that she was honest with Pihu. Sharda remembers Pihu’s pledge to keep her word to no one. She learns about Rudraksh’s phone via Pihu. They go to Armaan’s residence.

Saaransh loses his phone to Sharda. Pihu tells Rudraksh everything. She requests that he be honest with her about him and Preesha. Rudraksh expresses to her his deep affection for Preesha.

He claims that Preesha is his life and lives only for her. He tells her about their most recent argument and split up. After a year, he claims, he began to think of Preesha as Armaan’s wife. Preesha, according to him, has no memory of anything.