Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Pihu to Assist Rudraksh

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When Pihu finds out about Armaan’s plan, she readily agrees to assist Rudraksh. Rudraksh gives Pihu and Raj a favorable offer as part of the plot that they are involved in.


Learn the written update for the modern sequence of the sweet TV broadcast Yeh Hai Chahatein introduced on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Pihu to Assist Rudraksh is the subtitle of the cool episode number S2 E684.


Rudraksh informs Pihu at the beginning of the episode that Preesha’s memory loss was caused by medication. He tells her about Preesha’s memory loss and what the doctor said. He declares that he must make all efforts to protect Preesha from Armaan. Pihu informs him that this is untrue.

She learns from Ruhi that she saw Armaan putting medication in Preesha’s drink. Rudraksh tells Pihu that Ruhi never lies. He explains how he changed the medication after finding it in Armaan’s room. He claims he accompanied Preesha on the picnic so she could recall their earlier times together.

This, according to him, is the whole truth. Pihu says that while her heart wants to trust him, she is unable to ignore the apparent reality that is there in front of her. Even Preesha, according to her, said that Rudraksh had attempted to murder her. She challenges him to provide evidence of his sincerity.

She demands that he demonstrate his love for Preesha. He claims that he can do anything for Preesha and that he would show his love for her. He claims that he needs her assistance with it. He claims to be aware of Pihu’s passion for Preesha.

She assures him that she will assist him out of concern for Preesha. She claims she wants Preesha to be aware of the reality. She queries their future course of action given that Armaan will be granted bail on Monday. Rudraksh explains to them how he previously planned an anniversary celebration for Preesha.

He considers staging a similar festival. He promises to perform the song “would you marry me. ” Preesha was sporting a crimson saree that day, he continues. He requests that Pihu invite Preesha to the celebration.

According to Pihu, it is not feasible. According to him, Raj and Pihu will be launched; thus, there will be a launch party. He admits that he even spoke with K Music. She learns that he noticed Raj and her skill.

He claims that the Khurana home would have a launch party tomorrow. Pihu argues that her family won’t object since it’s for her job. Raj will contact her to extend an invitation to the launch party, he assures her. Sharda informs Pihu that a red saree will be sent tomorrow.

Raj contacts Pihu the next day. She has his gratitude for comprehending Rudraksh. She activates speaker on the phone. She learns from him that K Music Company chose them for their next album.

She is welcomed to the launch party by him. Preesha is persuaded to go with Pihu. Rudraksh hears everything. He believes Preesha will experience her husband’s affection this time.

Preesha eventually decides on a saree to wear to the celebration. She receives a crimson sari from Pihu. Preesha remembers receiving a crimson saree from Rudraksh for their wedding anniversary. She would look seductive in this saree, he assures her. On his face, she gives him kisses. She awakens to the truth.