Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th Sep Written Update β€” Rudraksh Revives Preesha’s Memory

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While Preesha and Pihu make their way to the party hosted by Rudraksh, Armaan is given information on the event. In a later part of the story, Rudraksh tries to refresh Preesha’s memory by taking her down memory lane.


Check out the written update for the popular scene of the interesting telecast Yeh Hai Chahatein printed on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Rudraksh Revives Preesha’s Memory is the name of the another episode number S2 E685.


This first segment features Preesha asking Pihu about the origin of the saree that she is wearing. She claims that she has the distinct impression that she has worn this saree previously. Pihu explains to her that the saree is brand new. She claims that Preesha would have worn a saree quite similar to the one in the past. Preesha is under the impression that Rudraksh was the one who presented her with this saree in the past.

They prepared themselves for the celebration. Pihu praises Preesha. Digvijay questions them about the nature of the event. Pihu informs him that they will both be attending the party. Preesha informed them they would be attending the launch celebration for Pihu.

She claims that Pihu is going to be a singing sensation. She provides details on the album. Pihu receives the compliment from Digvijay that he is incredibly proud of her. He embraces her. He inquires as to the reason why she did not reveal it to him.

Pihu reveals to him that Rudraksh is hosting a party at the Khurana residence. When Digvijay hears her, he becomes enraged. He rebukes them. Preesha informs him that he is spoiling Pihu’s day of happiness. She claims that it has to do with Pihu’s future life.

She explains to him that this is a very significant chance for Pihu to take. Pihu explains to Rudraksh that her thoughts are exclusively focused on herself and not on Rudraksh. She claims that it is her career, and because of that, she does not want to miss out on this opportunity because of Rudraksh. She claims that she is going to get the opportunity to debut herself with Raj. She reassures him that she will be attending the party by telling him so.

Preesha reveals that they have a negative opinion of Rudraksh and want to return as soon as the launch celebration is finished. Kanchan advises him to think about how they can make Pihu as happy as possible. Pihu receives his warmest wishes from Digvijay. Both Preesha and Pihu depart from that location. At the Khurana home, Rudraksh assures Sharda that she has done an excellent job of making the necessary preparations.

Sharda reveals to him that Vanshika was of assistance to her. She had high hopes that Preesha would have a good memory today. Armaan, on the other hand, confronts Digvijay with the question of why the latter let Preesha visit the Khurana residence. Digvijay provides him with information on the launch party. Armaan explains to him that everything is all a drama that Rudraksh is playing out.

He claims that he removed Preesha’s memory in order to give Rudraksh complete freedom. Digvijay nods at him. Armaan requests of him that he attend the party and watch out for Rudraksh’s interaction with Preesha there. Digvijay gives his assent to attending the celebration. Preesha and Pihu make their way inside the Khurana home.

Preesha remembers the time in the past when she went to the party, and then she elaborates on the experience for Pihu. Pihu informs her that Preesha used to reside in that home, which leads her to believe that Rudraksh must have hosted a party for her that was quite similar to the one she is attending now. Rudraksh performs a song titled “Would you marry me? ” Preesha can still vividly recall how he performed the song for her in the past. The two of them dance together.

He informs her that for a very long time he had been looking forward to this particular occasion. He claims that he would die without her at his side. He expresses to her how much affection he has for her. He claims to be aware of the fact that even she is unable to survive without him. In the text message, Preesha reveals to him that she loves him.

He can’t contain his joy as he embraces her. She is perplexed as to what could possibly be going on with her. She is reminded of the way in which he attempted to murder her. She pushes him, and then she passes out. He helps her to her feet.

He instructs Vidyut to get in touch with the doctor. Preesha comes to mind after some time has passed. Preesha is concerned that she acted inappropriately. Pihu receives advice from her on the need to return home. They will depart from that location. After some time has passed, Preesha thinks back to what transpired at the party.