Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th Sep Written Update β€” Rudraksh Is Exposed

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Armaan comes clean as soon as he gets back to his house, revealing the identity of Prem Ji as being none other than Rudraksh. Armaan ponders afterwards on how he was able to complete his assignment successfully.


Check the written update for the freshly released scene of the fascinating TV program Yeh Hai Chahatein pronounced on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Rudraksh Is Exposed is the label of the newly discovered episode number S2 E686.


This first segment features Preesha couldn’t understand how the other person can act in such a manner. Pihu inquires as to the reason why the latter has not yet gone to sleep. Preesha informs Rudraksh that she told her that she stated “I Love You. ” She states that she has the impression that she has mentioned it previously as well. She confronts her with the question of how she can say so while Rudraksh was the one who tormented her.

Pihu inquires of her about whether or not Rudraksh is indeed harmful. At her, Preesha gives a little nod. She expresses regret for having said it and indicates that she is feeling horrible about it. She claims that Armaan is her spouse, and she is experiencing feelings of remorse over the situation. Pihu begs her not to have any feelings of remorse.

She claims that Preesha must have been experiencing something at the moment, which is why she told Rudraksh what she did. She then encourages her to get some rest before leaving the room. She inquires as to whether or not Rudraksh heard all that was spoken. He reveals to her that he was able to overhear everything. He is brought back to the moment when he contacted her to inform her about Preesha’s condition.

He instructs her to stay on the line and not hang up. She reveals to him that Preesha’s feelings for him have not changed. He is grateful to her for accomplishing all she has done for him. She explains to him that she is caring for Preesha in this way. She believes that this is the appropriate action to take as well.

She tells him to stop overthinking things and go to sleep. The next morning, Armaan and Digvijay made their way inside the Thakur home. Armaan inquires of Thakurs on the cause of their surprised expression. Preesha explains to him that the situation is not at all like that. Armaan claims that Digvijay is the reason he was released on bond.

Digvijay encourages him to put the past behind him and move on with his life. He gives Kanchan instructions to hand out the sweets to the servants. Armaan takes one sweets box. He provides Prem and his crew several types of candy. He inquires of Prem as to whether or not the latter is content with the news of his freedom.

He hears from Prem that he is pleased with his life. Armaan reveals to him that the latter was the reason he was sentenced to prison. Everyone is stunned upon hearing him, with the exception of Digvijay. Armaan takes off the false beard and hair that Prem was wearing. When Preesha sees Rudraksh, she is taken aback.

Armaan inquires of Rudraksh as to whether he should refer to him by the name Prem or Rudraksh. He informs him that he never in his wildest dreams imagined the other person would go to such a low level. He confronts him with the question of how could he lie to him. He explains to Preesha that Rudraksh went beyond all of the boundaries. He claims that Rudraksh used Preesha’s kind nature in order to get an edge.

Rudraksh informs Preesha that Armaan is mistaken. Preesha smacks Rudraksh. She strikes out at him with her anger. The accusation that he is the devil comes from her. According to Kanchan, Armaan has been correct from the very beginning.

Armaan reflects on the day when he invited Digvijay to the Khurana residence for the launch celebration and remembers the details. It comes to his attention that Preesha said Rudraksh, “I Love You. ” He is of the opinion that there is something fundamentally wrong with medicine. Digvijay demonstrates the medication to him. Armaan comes to the conclusion that Rudraksh has taken the place of medication.

He assures Digvijay that he would not let Preesha go through life without him.