Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th Sep Written Update β€” Rudraksh’s Shocking Revelation

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Rudraksh sees Preesha and Armaan in order to invite them to his wedding to dissuade Preesha from moving to London. Additionally, he lets them know that he is going to wed Vanshika in the near future.


Let’s experience the written update for the today’s chapter of the poignant show Yeh Hai Chahatein voiced on Monday, 19th September 2022. Rudraksh’s Shocking Revelation is the caption of the freshly published episode number S2 E689.


The episode starts with Digvijay deciding to go to London with Preesha, as Armaan advises. Pihu questions Preesha about whether she read the letters. Preesha informs her that she doesn’t care about such letters. Pihu is curious about how Armaan persuaded Preesha to go to London.

She decides to inform Rudraksh about it. Thakurs is informed that she is leaving for practicum. She is informed by Kanchan that she will go with her. Kalindi then introduces herself to Rudraksh.

Raj and Pihu should get instruction, he instructs her. Raj and Pihu are introduced to Kalindi by Vanshika. Raj feels uneasy while near Kalindi. Pihu is aware of it.

She tells a falsehood about going to the bathroom. She tells Rudraksh that Preesha consented to Armaan bringing her to London. She makes a request of him. She turns around when Kanchan approaches and walks away.

Armaan asks Preesha whether she is unhappy. If she wants, he may postpone the tickets, he says. Preesha begs him to follow his gut instinct, and he has no objections. What’s the rush?

asks Rudraksh. He informs them that they still have to wait a few days. Armaan chastises him for coming back. According to Rudraksh, he came back to put their misunderstanding to rest.

He claims that their relationship is gone. Preesha: He claims to have come to the realisation that Preesha cannot love him. He tells them he has discovered his true love. He said that he would marry Vanshika in four days.

He presents them with a wedding invitation card. Rudraksh is questioned by Armaan on how he came to this choice so quickly. He is told by Rudraksh that this is how love develops. He claims Preesha hates him and has forgotten about him.

He claims VanshikaΒ  has always been at his side. Armaan won’t take him at his word. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha is no longer important to him. Kanchan inquires as to his purpose at that location.

She learns from Rudraksh that he has come to invite them to his wedding to Vanshika. Pihu is astonished when she sees the wedding invitation. Armaan informs Rudraksh that they have no interest in getting married. Rudraksh departs from that point.

Rudraksh tells himself that Preesha and Armaan did not respond as he had anticipated. He questions if revealing this made-up marriage was a mistake. He remembers how he begged Vanshika to pretend like they were getting married. Preesha, he claims, can’t envision him with anyone else.

Vanshika believes his strategy will succeed. If Preesha doesn’t show up for his wedding, Rudraksh worries how his scheme will succeed. What is all of this about? Pihu queries.

Everything is an act, he explains to her. He requests that she forbid Preesha from travelling to London. She gives him a nod. Pihu informs Preesha that Rudraksh has never loved her.

She describes Vanshika as a nice young lady. Preesha claims she doesn’t give a damn about anything. She claims that it is difficult to see Rudraksh marrying Vanshika. Pihu persuades her to go to Rudraksh and Vanshika’s wedding. Preesha informs Armaan that she wants to be there for Rudraksh’s nuptials.