Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th Sep Written Update β€” Vanshika, Rudraksh Get Cosy

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While she is at the recording studio, Preesha witnesses Vanshika and Rudraksh enjoying a tender time together. After some time has passed, Kalindi makes the accusation of rape against Raj in front of the press.


Let us explore the written update for the recent chapter of the entrancing television broadcast Yeh Hai Chahatein delivered on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Vanshika, Rudraksh Get Cosy is the designation of the most modern episode number S2 E690.


This first segment features Armaan is informed by Preesha that they will not be travelling to London since the latter wants to be there for Rudraksh’s wedding. Armaan inquires as to whether or not she is being serious about it. She explains to him that she is curious to know whether or not Rudraksh is indeed going to be married. She insists that all of them go to the concert that Pihu is having. She reveals to him that they will be able to go to London at a later time.

They shared a nod with one another. Pihu gives Rudraksh a call, and during the conversation, she reveals the choice that Preesha has made. He requests that she bring Preesha to the recording studio the next day. He tells her that tomorrow he will publicise both the wedding and the performance that she is performing in. The next day, upon witnessing Preesha enter the recording studio, Rudraksh offers his congratulations to Vanshika.

Vanshika shows him the earring he had given her as a gift. He leans down and gives her a peck on the ear. Preesha can still vividly remember the moment when Rudraksh presented her with an earring and planted a passionate kiss on her ear. When she sees Vanshika and Rudraksh together, it makes her furious. Rudraksh is under the impression that he is carrying out all of these actions in order to help Preesha recover her memories.

Rudraksh and Vanshika put up a show of being a romantic couple in order to pique Preesha’s jealousy. During their training together, Kalindi improperly touches Raj. When she touches him, he gets an uneasy feeling. Pihu is able to recognise that. She observes Kalindi conversing with Vidyut.

Rudraksh is informed by Raj that he is heading to the restroom. He is informed by Rudraksh that reporters have begun to arrive. It is from there that Raj departs. Rudraksh has shared the news that he is planning to tie the knot. Armaan is of the opinion that if Rudraksh is really going to be married, Rudraksh makes the announcement that he is going to introduce Raj and Pihu in the next album.

The scream that Kalindi lets out is heard by everyone. The state that Kalindi is in when she arrives there is not good. Rudraksh questions her about what happened. She confides in him that she was sexually assaulted. He asks her who was responsible for the action.

She adopts Raj as her surname. Reporters began interviewing Kalindi. Preesha is quite upset with the press for interrogating Kalindi. Armaan requests that the photographers cease taking pictures. He says that Raj behaves like Rudraksh.

Instead of being quiet, he requests that Rudraksh speak out with something. Rudraksh explains to him that he is remaining quiet because he is certain that Raj is not guilty. He claims that he has no clue as to why Kalindi is making the accusation against Raj. Pihu claims that Raj is incapable of acting in such a manner. If they don’t believe her, Kalindi questions them with this inquiry.

Pihu explains to her that the latter would have misunderstood her words. Armaan reprimands her for speaking in such a manner. Kalindi claims that she has evidence that may indicate Raj was complicit in this crime with her. She explains to them that she shut the door behind him and locked the room. They are led into the room by her.

The reporters take Raj’s picture. According to Armaan, the truth is right in front of them. Rudraksh inquires of Raj about his activities at that location. Raj reveals to him that he was shoved inside the room and that the door was locked from the outside. Kalindi begs him to quit lying.

She holds him responsible. Raj informs Rudraksh that he did not act in such a manner. She claims that Raj improperly touched her while they were exercising together. Pihu asserts that Kalindi made unwanted physical contact with Raj. Preesha gives Armaan the request to contact the police. Armaan reveals to her that he has already made contact with the authorities.