Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st Sep Written Update — Raj Is Taken to Police Custody

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Armaan gives credit to Kalindi for effortlessly carrying out the plan while at the same time Raj is being caught and declared guilty. In the meanwhile, Pihu has a hunch that Vidyut is the primary perpetrator.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the newly released installment of the interesting show Yeh Hai Chahatein brought on Wednesday, 21st September 2022. Raj Is Taken to Police Custody is the name of the fresh episode number S2 E691.


Armaan is heard at the beginning of the episode saying that he has already contacted the police. He is reprimanded by Rudraksha for phoning the Police. Armaan believes that because of Raj’s dishonest behaviour, he should be punished. The police arrive, and Raj is subsequently taken into custody.

Rudraksh is told by Raj that he done nothing wrong. Rudraksh assures him that he has complete faith in him. He claims that there would be no consequences for the crime that Raj has never done. Raj is taken by the police from that location.

They are followed by Rudraksh. Pihu is going to follow in their footsteps. Armaan scolds her. Preesha suggests to him that maybe Raj is not guilty, and that they should therefore go to the police station.

After a while has passed, a police inspector discloses that they discovered blood under one of Raj’s nails. Raj has said that he is unaware of what is taking on. The DNA result, according to the inspector of the police department, will confirm everything. He claims that it is an offence that cannot be released on bond.

They placed Raj in jail for his crime. Pihu is cautioned by Armaan to avoid interacting with Khuranas. Pihu is under the impression that she is aware of Raj’s innocence. After some time has passed, Rudraksh will inquire about what happened to Raj.

Raj reveals to him that he was on his way to the restroom when he was pushed into the room by someone else, who then forced him to scratch the other individual. He claims that the room was so dim that he was unable to see anything clearly inside of it. He claims that he attempted to open the door, but the others entered anyhow. Rudraksh is perplexed as to why Kalindi is acting in such a manner.

He tells him not to be concerned about anything at all. Sharda inquires of Rudraksh on what all of this is. Vidyut claims that he has no way of believing that Raj would act in such a way. He goes into detail about Raj’s family history.

Rudraksh scolds him for speaking ill of Raj in front of others. He reveals to Sharda that he believes Armaan is the one responsible for all of this. He promises that he will identify those responsible for the crime. He lets Sharda know that he is going to talk to Kalindi.

Sharda begs him to take Vanshika with him. Kalindi meets Armaan. Armaan compliments her on how well she carried out his plan. He thinks back to the day when he first met Kalindi and shared his ideas with her.

Digvijay is informed about the scheme that he has. He claims that Rudraksh tricked them by living in their home while pretending to be Prem, which is why he cannot spare Rudraksh. He instructs Kalindi to place the blame on Vidyut for what happened. He believes that Vidyut’s life would be ruined as a result of his sending him to prison.

He regains his common sense, and he compliments her performance. She is able to recollect the manner in which she carried out the strategy. He is under the impression that no one can get away this time. Pihu is mystified as to why Kalindi is acting in such a manner.

She can’t help but go back to when she saw Kalindi chatting with Vidyut. She claims that she had no idea that Vidyut would fall to such a terrible level. She comes to the conclusion that she should inform Rudraksh about Vidyut. She will soon be on her way out of the home.

However, Preesha is able to stop her. Pihu reveals to her that Vidyut is the one responsible for all of this. Preesha inquires as to whether or not the latter has any evidence. She recommends meeting with Kalindi in order to get evidence.

Pihu gives her a knowing nod. They went to Kalindi’s residence. They find out that Kalindi has already left the home with her belongings. There, you may purchase Rudraksha and Vanshika.