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Get the written update for today’s scene of the diverting TV program Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai reported on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Akshara Finds Shivansh is the pseudonym of the revolutionary episode number S67 E675.


As a result of their distraction, Parth and Shefali end up losing Shivansh within the temple. Abhimanyu searches all around for Shivansh in a frantic manner. In a different location, Akshara discovers the boy and begins to care for him.


At the beginning of the episode, Abhi asks Shivansh what he is gazing at. AKSHU LEAVES Shivansh directs attention to Akshu. Abhi claims that nobody exists. He performs on a flute. Akshu pauses and reflects, “I had the impression that Krishna was telling Radha to halt exactly there.

” Abhi claims that nobody exists. Abhi is asked to fetch prasad by Shefali. She makes a phone call. Parth makes a call as well. The cot is left in the car’s trunk.

When the cot collapses, Shivansh enters the flower basket. Manish chastises the guy. I don’t know any Mahima, the guy claims. Manish stops Vansh and Akhilesh. Leave me, Manish replies; I’m OK.

He begs Vansh to go since he has an appointment and doesn’t appreciate his job; if Kairav were in his position, then. . . He is urged to calm down by Dadi. Kairav is blocking the door.

He dials Akshu. No, I can’t call him, he replies. When Abhi notices the vacant cot, he yells, “Shivanch! ” Concerned, Shefali and Parth see the cot. Abhi offers Shivansh a prayer.

Akshu turns when he hears the toy’s sound. Shivansh is visible to her in the flower basket. She takes him and inquires about his parentage. Shefali, Parth, and Abhi search for him. Also searching for Shivansh’s parents is Akshu.

Abhi sobs while glancing around. Manish is urged to remain cool and drink some water by Dadi. Kairav’s phone call Manish responds. He reprimands the guy and cuts the line. The radio broadcast is heard by Manish.

He asks God for a sign that his kids are okay. According to the RJ, the caller dedicated this song to his badge. This is unique, papa. Manish hears the song “Papa Kehte Hai” and thinks back to Kairav’s advice. They all experience feelings.

Kairav adds, “I’m sorry I can’t contact you, but I know you listen to the radio right now. I hope this song reaches you. Manish claims that while our kids are OK, I think they missed us. Dadi answers, “Sure. ” Manish beams.

Shefali and Parth search for Shivansh out of anxiety. Akshu notices a guy addressing the youngsters who attended the Bal Krishna tournament. Maybe he came for the competition too, she speculates. She makes a visit. There are youngsters there for a Bal Krishna tournament, so the father begs Abhi to leave.

When a girl meets Maaya, she asks her to perform a bhajan since she knows how talented she is as a vocalist. Maaya and Kunal search for Akshu. No, she didn’t flee, but did she alter her mind after being here? , wonders Kunal. The girl orders Maaya to take a seat.

Akshu goes to the guy to inform him about Shivansh. Shivansh must sit down, he commands her. He demands that everyone don the masks of Radha and Krishna. “Listen, he isn’t my child,” says Akshu. The guy declares the first round.

There, Abhi goes in search of Shivansh. He polls the populace. Akshu is asked to sit down by the guy. I’ll reveal it after the tournament, according to Akshu. Shivansh is urged not to worry by her.

She mentions her doctor. There, Abhi stops. Shivansh is prompted to dip his hand into the saucepan and consume the butter by Akshu. Shivansh eats butter. “Oye Hoye,” fantastic, Akshu exclaims while grinning.

Abhi has a sensation. The game is over. We have the winning hands to break the handi, the guy claims. Shivansh is taken to the handi by Akshu. Abhi can barely make out Shivansh.

He misses seeing Akshu. The handi is broken by Shivansh. The guy gives gratitude to everybody. Akshu is confronted by Kunal, who approaches her. Declare the infant lost, according to Akshu.

announcing the missing child and inviting his parents to the scene. When Abhi learns this, he flees. Akshu requests that the dad not give the infant away unquestioningly. After giving Shivansh, she moves on to Kunal. There, Abhi shows up.

Kunal claims it’s an imp. I’m Shivansh’s uncle, says Abhi, as he gives him a hug. On his phone, he displays a photo of Shivansh. The guy requests that he take care of her and thank her for getting him here and taking care of him. Shefali and Parth arrive and take Shivansh.

Akshu pivots. Where is the baby? she asks the father. I thoroughly checked it and gave it to the child. She grins as she accepts the toy.

Abhi asks Krishna to provide blessings to the person who brought Shivansh to them.