Akshara Visits the Birla House β€” Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai | 02 Sep

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Enjoy the written update for the newly published installment of the transfixing TV broadcast Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ventilated on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Akshara Visits the Birla House is the label of the freshest episode number S67 E676.


Akshara brings to Kunal’s attention the way in which he exploited her helplessness. After some time has passed, when she visits the Birla mansion, she feels a pang of melancholy.


In the current episode, Akshara is delighted to see Shivansh’s teddy bear that says, “I Love You. ” She senses a bond. Akshara is urged by Kunal not to go alone. If Kunal was concerned that she had fled, Akshara inquires.

As Kunal had performed Abhimanyu’s operation, Akshara said that she owed him money. She tells Kunal that she won’t go without giving a performance. Fans want to hear Maya sing, so Kunal invites Akshara to do so. Akshara declines to perform at the temple.

They cannot anger fans, “claims Kunal. They are trapped, he claims. Akshara tells Kunal gets a nice taste of his own medicine. She continues, “I’m relieved that at least he understands the agony of being stranded when one is powerless.

Akshara is forced to sing by Kunal. Akshara practises her singing. Akshara is going to start singing. When Abhimanyu turns to utter a prayer, Akshara is not heard.

For the song “O Kanha” by Maya, Akshara sings. The music note from Akshara’s bracelet that became tangled in Shivansh’s clothing is given to Abhimanyu. He accepts the letter and senses a connection. Akshara remembers her interaction with Shivansh.

Her connection to Shivansh is strong. Akshara returns to the hotel. To take his mind off things, Kairav consumes chocolate. Akshara feels a connection when she sees the teddy bear.

Calls Kairav. Kairav inquires about Akshara’s well-being. As long as she is able to remember the past, according to Akshara, she is well. Akshara was advised by Kairav to see Abhimanyu as soon as possible.

Akshara recalls the clause in Kunal’s contract that forbids her from seeing Abhimanyu before the event. Regaining her composure, Akshara confides in Kairav that she regrets following along. Kairav expresses his gratitude to Akshara for saving the day. When Abhimanyu notices the musical note, he queries Shivansh as to whence he obtained it.

He admits to him that viewing the message has given him an odd sensation. Recalling his interaction with Akshara, Abhimanyu. Shivansh is asked by Abhimanyu to assist him in determining if Akshara is the owner of the note or not. Shefali stops Shivansh as he is going to inform Abhimanyu about Akshara.

Shefali requests that Abhimanyu operate on her employer as soon as possible. Shefali is assured by Abhimanyu. Akshara travels to Udaipur in order to get a sight of Abhimanyu. She recalls her interactions with Abhimanyu while at the Birla residence.

She hides when she sees Manjiri. When Abhimanyu is not at Udaipur, Akshara finds out. Akshara bemoans the fact that God has kept her apart from Abhimanyu. She prays to God for a reconciliation with Abhimanyu.

Akshara regains her optimism. Abhimanyu meets the head of Shefali. Abhimanyu is invited by Shefali’s employer to a conference and music event in Mauritius. The boss of Shefali is informed by Abhimanyu that he detests music.

Abhimanyu must attend the ceremony, the head of Shefali demands. He mentions Maya as the victor. Abhimanyu informs Shefali’s employer that he would make an effort to attend the function.