Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Akshara at a Crossroads

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Akshara is prevented from visiting Udaipur by Dr. Kunal’s coercion. The outcome of the tournament, however, is altered as a direct result of Maya’s phone call since it is now being held in Udaipur.


Let us explore the written update for the sweet installment of the pretty TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ventilated on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Akshara at a Crossroads is the subtitle of the brand-new episode number S67 E685.


In today’s episode, Mahima tells Abhimanyu that they will go to Udaipur as soon as possible. Abhimanyu will not go from Udaipur. Mahima, Harsh questions Abhimanyu about his hesitation to go. Abhimanyu attempts to connect Akshara and Maya’s song by recalling it.

He declines to return to Udaipur. Abhimanyu receives Manjiri’s oaths, and she begs him to accompany her back to Udaipur. Abhimanyu decides to return to Udaipur in search of Akshara. Akshara’s representative, Kunal, answers the phone.

Who is attempting to contact Akshara, he wonders. Kunal decides to investigate the caller. When Abhimanyu flies to Udaipur, Akshara finds out. Following Akshara is Kunal.

Akshara is sorry she left Abhimanyu. She takes responsibility for Abhimanyu’s state of being. Akshara claims she just found out her family despises her. Akshara decided to join Abhimanyu.

She also chooses to take a flight to Udaipur. Kunal resists Akshara. To keep Kairav out of danger, Akshara chooses to meet with Abhimanyu. She claims that if Kairav’s family finds out, they will put him in jail.

Kunal threatens Akshara and claims to be aware of Kairav’s whereabouts. He threatens to have Kairav jailed if she decides to take a flight to Udaipur. Concerned about Kairav is Akshara. She informs Kunal that while time is on his side, everything will be destroyed when Lord Shiva opens his third eye.

Kunal is asked to wait for the time to change by Akshara. Abhimanyu considers Maya. He asserts that Maya and Akshara are undoubtedly related. Manjiri questions Abhimanyu as to why he chose Akshara’s name.

Abhimanyu remained silent. Maya dials Kunal. Maya is told not to be alarmed by Kunal’s return to Akshara. Maya informed Kunal that Udaipur would host the competition’s finals.

Akshara chuckles. Kunal declines to go to Udaipur. When Maya answers the phone, Akshara tells her not to worry since they will go to Udaipur for the grand finale. As Kunal’s time is going to shift, she instructs him to prepare.

Akshara discovers what Ganesh Utsav is. Welcome to Lord Ganesh from Abhimanyu and the Birla family. From Akshara to Udaipur. The Goenkas greet Lord Ganesh as well.

Swarna goes back home. Manish becomes angry. Suhasini persuades Manish not to lash out at Swarna. She requests that he go with Swarna and get the blessing from God.

Abhimanyu chooses to return to Udaipur. If there is a connection to Akshara, Manjiri prevents Abhimanyu from traveling to Udaipur. Abhimanyu froze in place. For a solution, Akshara decides to meet with Abhimanyu.

She asks Kunal more questions about Kairav. Kunal tells Akshara that Kairav is also in India. Wait until Maya triumphs in the grand finale, he requests. Abhimanyu will solve Maya’s dilemma.