Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th Sep Written Update β€” Akshara’s Secret Mission

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Akshara sneaks into Abhimanyu’s room to speak to him, but he gets called away before seeing her. Later, the Birlas get alerted to an intruder’s presence.


Get the written update for the up-to-the-minute installment of the enjoyable show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai reported on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Akshara’s Secret Mission is the moniker of the trend-setting episode number S67 E686.


In the episode that aired today, Abhimanyu is seen to believe that Akshara is the one who has the voice, regardless of how Maya is performing on stage. He becomes annoyed. Arohi receives an invitation from Akhilesh to return home, where she will find a surprise waiting for her. He then decides to approach Arohi after hearing Anand’s voice. Arohi confronts Akhilesh and urges him to quit having constant doubts about her.

She continues by saying that even Manish has his doubts about whether or not she would visit the Birlas. Arohi terminates the call by hanging up. Akhilesh stood there bewildered. Arohi and Neil come face to-face. Arohi claims that she will be there to hand over an essential file.

She inquires about Abhimanyu from Neil. According to Neil, Abhimanyu is now located in his room. Arohi decided to investigate the reason why Abhimanyu had inquired about Akshara. She comes, approaching Abhimanyu’s room. Arohi inquires about Abhimanyu’s health.

Abhimanyu is appreciative of Arohi’s compassion for him. Arohi questions Abhimanyu about the reason he looked into Akshara’s situation. Abhimanyu asks arohi to quit acting like Sherlock Holmes. Arohi finds it suspicious when she sees Abhimanyu observing something. She decides to figure out what Abhimanyu is trying to conceal.

Akshara makes an effort to get in touch with Kairav. She is concerned about Kairav. Kunal arrives. To prevent Kairav from revealing his dark side to Maya, Akshara requests that Kunal make a call to him. Kunal is put under pressure by her.

Kunal makes a call to Kairav. Both Kairav and Akshara engage in conversation with one another. He tells Akshara that he is sorry that he did not notify her and that he had returned to India. Akshara inquires as to the well-being of Kairav. Kairav would want to express his gratitude to Kunal for providing him with the facility.

The second question he asks Akshara is whether or not she has met Abhimanyu. Kunal hangs up on Akshara before she can respond to the phone. Akshara is under the impression that Kunal won’t hurt Kairav as long as she is performing for Maya. She then decides to concentrate on meeting Abhimanyu. Maya expresses her sympathy to Kunal by telling him that she has left her house in order to assist them.

Arohi shares with Mahima some information concerning the strange behavior of Abhimanyu. Both of them decide to uncover Abhimanyu’s secret. Mahima decides to investigate Kairav by going via Abhimanyu and Akshara. Akshara concludes that the best way to meet Abhimanyu is to break into the Birla residence. She searches for a means by which she may get to Abhimanyu.

Manjiri gives Abhimanyu instructions to prepare for the puja. She suggests that he take a hot shower. Akshara enters Abhimanyu’s chamber without his knowledge. She thinks back to the time she spent with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu approaches Manjiri with a request to lend him some clothing.

Abhimanyu seeks Akshara’s assistance, and she assists him in selecting a kurta. Abhimanyu feels Manjiri helped him. Akshara tries to conceal herself from Abhimanyu. She has recurring fantasies in which she embraces Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is brought back to the present moment when he senses Akshara’s presence.

When Abhimanyu approaches, Akshara goes into hiding. Manjiri compliments Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu discovered that Manjiri failed his textile examination. He is perplexed as to who did it. Manjiri tells Abhimanyu that he is looking gorgeous.

She also suggests that Shefali or Nishtha may have assisted him. Abhimanyu seems to be confused. Ahead, the Birlas are performing the ritual of puja. Akshara sneaks inside the puja and participates. Abhimanyu senses Akshara’s presence.

After discovering Shivansh, Akshara expresses gratitude to God for facilitating her journey to Abhimanyu. A vase topples down and breaks. Akshara manages to get out of the home.