Yaadan Supne – Kulwinder Billa

YAADAN SUPNE LYRICS from DR. ZEUS – The romantic, melodic song is very well performed by Kulwinder Billa. The loving Punjabi lines of track are inked down by Billa Dhaliwal.

The music video director Navjit Buttar has created music film for Kulwinder Billa’s new “YAADAN TERIYAN SUPNE TERE” tune while ear-catching music production is done by Dr. Zeus. On this page, you can also read the full line to line English translation of song’s verses.


Supne tere, Supne tere,

Sajjna tere nain farebi
Mere te jaadu kar gaye
Mere jazbaat dol gaye
Dil nu be-kaabu kar gaye.

Sajna tere nain farebi
Mere te jadu kar gaye
Mere jazbat dol gaye
Dil nu bekabu kar gaye.

Oh my lover, your cheater eyes have done their magic on me
My emotions got loose
And made my heart go out of control.

Jidar vi dekha sajjna
Disda tu char chufere,

Jaagan ta yadaan teriyan
Sauwan ta supne tere -x3.

Wherever I see
I find only you
When I’m awake, your memories make me feel uneasy
And while sleeping, your dreams does the same.

Dil teri boli bole
Mere nai aakhe lagda
Akhiyan wich neend na paindi
Tere bin jee nai lagda.

Dil teri boli boley
Mere nai aakhe laggda
Akhiyaan vich neend na pendi
Tere bin ji nai lagda.

My heart is under your spell
It only speaks your language, Doesn’t listen to me anymore
My eyes don’t feel like sleeping
And my heart always miss you.

Mangdi aan dilon duawan
Tere nal hon sawere.

Jagaan taan yaadan teriyan
Sowaan taan supne tere -x3.

From Heart, I pray to God that my every morning start with you.

Kache mere kaul na jaani
Vaada ae pakka chan ve
Tera dar dekh lawaan je
Mere layi makka chan ve.

Kachhe mere kaul na jani
Vada ae paka chann ve
Tera dar wekh lavaan je
Mere layi makka chann ve.

Chaanan diyan rishma wangu
Kar geyon sab door hanere.

Jaagan ta yaadan teriyan
Sauwaan ta supne tere -x3.

Don’t think that my promises are fake
It’s my true promise
If I get to see your house/door
It’s like a Mecca for me.

Tuhi bas apna lagda
Duniya ho gayi begani
Hun ta Mehraj waleya
Tuhi is dil da jaani -x2.

Har din hun vadh de jande
Billeya tere dil wich fere.

Jaagan ta yadaan teriyan
Sauwan ta supne tere -x3.

Only you feel like mine
And rest of world has become stranger
Oh Mehraj village’s boy, I oftenly come to your house.

If I’m awake it’s your memories
And if sleeping it’s your dreams, That always makes me feel miss you.