Yaar Ni Milya Lyrics – Hardy Sandhu

YAAR NI MILYA LYRICS with English translation is here, The song has music video starring Kangna Sharma and it’s singer Hardy Sandhu. These Punjabi verses are thought and handwritten by songster Jaani and the musical composition is contributed by B Praak, He also lent background vocals for “ LATEST YAAR NI MILYA”song.

Song Title: Yaarr Ni Milyaa [Punjabi]
Performers : Hardy Sandhu, Kangna Sharma
Music Director, Arranger: B Praak
Name of Songwriter: Jaani


Aje Tak Mainu Aisa Yaar Naiyo Mileya
Jide Te Yakeen Karaan Akkhan Band Karke
Bade Mile Ne Mainu Do Shaklan Wale.

Until now I haven’t got such a lover
Who I can trust with closed eyes
I have met too many two-faced persons.

Aje Tak Mainu Aisa Pyar Naiyo Milya,
Satt Mere Lagge Par Rooh Ohdi Tadpe,
Bade Mile Ne Mainu Aklan Wale.

Haven’t got such love
If I’m hurt and my lover’s soul feels the pain
Too many two-faced I people have met.

Labda Main Ho Ke Jhalla,
Duniya Te Kalla-kalla,
Milya Ni Koi Mainu,
Saath Na Deve Allah,
Tut Na Jave Dil Taiyon Taan Rehnda Darr Ke.

I have been looking for it like a crazy
All alone in the world
Couldn’t find anyone who is suitable
God also doesn’t support me
Hope my won’t break, I am scared of it.

O Aaja Yaar, O Aaja Yaar
Sohneya, Sohneya
Aaja Yaar Na Ja Yaar Meharma Meharma -x2.

Oh my lover come to me
Oh beauty
Come to me and do not go away my companion.

Aidar Vekhan Odhar Vekhan,
Jidar Vekhan Duniya Main Saari -x2,

Pyar Di Ki Aukaat Reh Gayi
Jism Vekh Ke Lagdi Ae Yaari.

I look here, Look there
Everywhere are people
Love has no value around
Only after the beauty of body, People will love.

Koi Te Labbo Aisa
Heer Te Laila Jaisa
Rooh Di Jo Gall Kare Haan
Door Hi Rakhe Paisa
Koi Na Punje Hanju
Khada Main Nain Bhar Ke.

Someone find true lovers like Heer and Laila
Who talk about soulful love
And keep away the money
Nobody wipes off tears
I am standing here with wet eyes.

Ajè Tak Mainu Aisa Yaar Naiyo Mileya
Jihde Te Yakeen Karan Akhan Band Karke
Bade Mile Ne Mainu Do Shakalan Wale.

Aje Tak Mainu Aisa Pyaar Naiyo Mileya
Satt Mere Lagge Par Rooh Ohdi Tadpe
Bade Mile Ne Mainu Aklaan Wale.

Main Te Tera Main Te Teri
Jo Muh Te Kehnde Sohan Kha Ke -x2,

Sab Ton Pehlan Ohi Jande
Maut Naal Jaani Gale Mila Ke.

I am only yours, I am only yours
Who say and swear in front of you
They will leave you after killing you softly.

Jina Vi Waqt Hai Langha
Peedan De Naal Hai Ranga
Kade-kade Tan Lagdae
Jeen Ton Marna Changa
Main Na Hun Jeena Rabba
Leja Ve Hath Fad Ke.

The whole time that has passed
It passed with the pains only
Sometimes it makes me feel that It’s better to die than living
Oh God I don’t wanna live anymore
Take me away from this world holding my hand.

Aje Tak Mainu Aisa Yaarr Nahiyo Milyaa
Jihde Te Yakeen Karan Akhan Band Karke
Bade Mile Ne Mainu Do Shaklan Wale
Aje Tak Mainu Aisa Pyar Nahiyo Milyaa
Satt Mere Lage Par Rooh Ohdi Tadpe
Badey Miley Ne Mainu Akalan Wale.