Yaar Vichre Lyrics β€” Saade Aale | Amrinder Gill

Yaar Vichre Lyrics from the Punjabi movie ‘Saade Aale’ featuring Deep Sidhu is a exquisite song, and it has mind-blowing say by Amrinder Gill. The mind-altering lyrics of the Yaar Vichre jingle are drafted down by Binder Pal Fateh. Mukhtar Sahota is the producer of YAAR VICHRE’s remarkable music. The harmonious music video of the show tune is pointed by Jatinder Mauhar.


Yar Vichre Ne Yaran De,
Shavian De Rutt An Gayi,
Khule Munh Hatyaran De,
Khule Muh Hatyaran De,

Seene Soona Lukiyan Ne,

Sajjan Muka Chaleya,
Ghudiya Sah Mukiyan Ne,
Ghudiya Sah Mukiyan Ne,

Putt Turr Gaye Duavan De,

Seeneyan Ch Siwe Mag De,
Haol Painde Ne Mawan De,
Haul Painde Ne Mawan De,

Chaula Umran Da Pa Janda,

Ishqe Da Ras Mithran,
Bhukh Umran Di Lah Janda,
Bhukh Umran Di Lah Janda,

Saade Aale Film’s Yaar Vichre Music Video | Deep Sidhu

Play the just out music video for Yaar Vichre from a harmonious movie Saade Aale.

Make sure to check Yaar Vichre Song Lyrics that Amrinder Gill ornamentally sung and are featured in the Saade Aale film of Deep Sidhu . Binder Pal Fateh has noted down the Yaar Vichre Punjabi lyrics and Jatinder Mauhar presidedthe music video.