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Yaara Lyrics from Rocky Mental film in touching voice of Sharry Mann and impressive writing of Deep Baniwal is a romantic song. The Punjabi music video stars Parmish Verma and it has music given by Desi Crew. You can get translation of song here.

Parmish Verma yaara song rocky mentalAlbum / Movie: Rocky Mental (2017)
Vocalist: Sharry Mann
Songwriter: Deep Baniwal
Music Director: Desi Crew
Actors: Ashwani Sharma, Parmish Verma


Tu hukam ta karda ve
Asi dinde jaan yaara
Par tainu zindagi cho
Na dinde jaan yaara -x2.

If you would order
I would have died for you
But could never let you go from my life.

Ho gaya methon door kyon
Chalde ne rehnde yaara gile shikwe,

Jaano pyare vishdan te
Kado ne tikane yaara dil tikde -x2.

Why you aparted from me
O my dear, it’s is so usual in love
When lovers apart
Where got hearts stay at the same ?

Marde dum tak nal khadoon
Gallan teriyan haar giyan
Hanju bharan gawahiyan ve
Tere mere pyaar diyan,

I will stand by your side till the end
Your promises have broken
My tears witness our love.

Teri yaari eni hi
Kyon si mehmaan yaara
Par tainu zindagi cho
Na dinde jaan yaara,

Tu hukam tan karda ve
Asai dinde jaan yaara
Par tainu zindagi cho na dinde jaan yaara.

Khoon dohl ke vi mainu
Puggda si tera saath dila
Teri yaad rawaundi ae
Rowaan main har ik raat dila -x2.

Even by shedding my own blood
I would gladly accept your company
Your memories make me cry
And I cry every night.

Kidiyan das garariyan de
Agge hun main jhukna ae
Lagdae raabta saahan da
Aithe hi bas mukna ae.

Whose stubborness I will agree to now ?
I think my connection with life is to end here.

Main kidi yaari te
Karnae das maan yaara
Par tenu zindagi cho na dinde jaan yaara.

Whose love I want to feel proud of ?
But won’t have let you go away.

Tu hukam tan karda ve asi dinde jaan yaara
Par tenu zindagi cho na dinde jaan yaara -x2.

You would ask me anything
I could give my life for you
And I wouldn’t have let you go.

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