Your Type (Tere Vargiyan) Lyrics

Your Type (Tere Vargiyan) Lyrics from Fateh Doe’s most recent album ‘Bring It Home’ featuring Mickey Singh is a sensational song which is a perfect combination of English-Punjabi fusion music.Lyric of the song ‘Your Type Tere Vargiya’ are scripted by Fateh and released under the music company of WinWin Records.

Song Title: Your Type (Tere Vargiyan) [feat. Mickey Singh]

Album: Bring It Home

Artists: Fateh Doe, Mickey Singh

Your Type (Tere Vargiyan) Lyrics – Fateh x Mickey Singh

There something the way
That she carry herself
Confidence she would marry herself
Usually I’m way too smooth
And I play it cool,

But She read me like a book Got me acting a fool
Talking to her but I’m nervous
Throwing game and she curve it
She driving this thang
She swerving.

It’s like she doing this on purpose
But I love the way that she work it
Cause at the end it’s gonna be worth it,

Tere vargiyan,
Got me doing things that I wouldn’t do
Tere vargiyan
Got me feeling ways I look at you
Tere vargiya, ek vaar dekh ke na bhullda
Tere vargiya taiyon tere te main dullda.

Hamesha tere vargiya te main dul da (x3),
Paawein bhul ja anu other one
Main tainu naiyo bhull da,

Tere vargeeya
Tere vargeeya
Always falling for (x3),
Tere vargeeya, tere vargeeya.

I can’t get enough of you
I won’t let you leave, no (x2).

When I met you at this party in Manhattan
From the time we started dancing
I felt string attraction
With you,

I knew I knew I knew
What your love’s been lacking,
All I got this passion for you.

I could be wrong,
But I could be right about you
I could be wrong,
But It won’t feel right without you.

How you made me go the whole night
Without you
I know all about you.

Hamesha tere wargiya te
Main dulda (x3),
Paawein bhul jaan any other
Main tainu naiyo bhul da.

Tere wargiya, Tere wargiya
Always falling for (x3),
Tere wargiya, Tere wargiya.