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Zero iSSAQBAAZI transaltion Shah Rukh Khan, Salman KhanIssaqbaazi Lyrics (also spelled as Ishqbaazi song) with meaning in English explained in translations, is an energetic song from Zero movie. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan starring music video of “ISSAABAAZI” is shared below.


Prem na upje khet mein
The love doesn’t grow in fields.
Bhaiya prem bikey na haat re
Either its is available at stores.
Par jab jab ye ho jaaye
But when someones falls in love.
Lag jaati hai waat re, waat re,
The lover gets done for.
Khadi ho jayegi khaat re.
I am in trouble.

Madua peeke prem ka hum
I drank the nector of love.
Hai taneek bouraye se
And lost all sense of reason.
Re wo mashooka, yaar hum hain
I am the great lover.
Beech na koi aaye re
Let no one come in my way.
Ho uske naina neat daaru,
Se ghazab chadh jaayein re
The look in hger eyes makes my head spin.

Ho tab se humri hai woh jab se
Since she became min.
Jag mein aassiq aaye re
The world seems full of lovers.
Kasam se, dharam se,
I swear. By god.

Kasam se jiyara chaknachoor hai, ishqbaazi se
My heart has been taken by love.

Ho tum ka jaano preet ki chidiya
How you would know
Kaun gagan mein udti hai
Where the bird of love flies in the sky?

Ho preet humari parchaai hai
My love is like a shadow.
Jahaan mude hum, mudti hai
Failing wherever it pleases.

Ho lag jaibe hai tejj kataari
Badi zor se seene mein
Love pierces your heart with the sharpest dagger.

Haaye dard bada ho tabahi aave hai
Bada maza jeene mein…
When the pain increases living life is more pleasurable.

Ho uska humra mel anokha..
Our meeting is so unique
Uska humra mel anokha
Woh lehar hum paani hain
She is a wave and I am water.

Tum ho paani, hum kinara
Your are the river. I am the shore.
Lehar hum tak aani hai
The waves roll my way.

Kasam se, dharam se.
I swear. By god.
Kasam se jiyara chaknachoor hai
My heart has been take over,
Issqbaazi se
By love.

Hum us se prem ghazab karte
I love her deeply.
Woh humse prem ghazab karti
She loves me deeply.
Woh humre liye jaroori hai
I can’t live without her.
Woh humre bina adhoori hai
She is incomplete witout me.

Hum tose usko ladwayenge
Itna hum bhadkayenge
I will make her turn away from you.
Tu chamcha hoja uska chaahe, maanegi na baat
You may be her yes-man but she won’t listen to you.

Ho ek batte do (1/2) aasiq
She has so many admirers.
Tohri kaise hogi chori re
How could she care for you?
Apne kad se uncha na tu
Sapno ka charkha kaat
You’re not tall enough to have big dreams.

Karat hai kyun baatein umar se badi
You have become too big for your boots.
Tu desi deewana wo English pari
You are crazy indian, she is a foreign fairy.

Re sahiba padhaku thi, mirza tha taiyn
For me, only love counts.
Tabhi toh woh english hai
Desi hoon main
That’s why I’m an indian lad and she is a foreign lass.

Hai jiya le gayi hai re tohri ye baat
You have won my heart with your words.
Aa karle tu yaari mila humse haath
Let’s be friends and let’s shake hands
Aa karle tu yaari, mila humse haath
Let’s be friends. Let’s shake hands

Dhin taak dhin taak
Dhin taak dha.



Song Name Issaqbaazi
Artist(s) Sukhwinder Singh, Divya Kumar
Album Zero (2018)
Music Composer(s) Ajay-Atul
Lyrics Writer Irshad Kamil
Label Satti Dhillon

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