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“Zohrajabeen”, with the meaning of its wholehearted lyrics, is an emotionally charged Punjabi song that captivates listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful rendition by B Praak. Penned by the talented Jaani and composed by B Praak himself, the song takes listeners on a poignant journey of love, pain, and heartbreak.

Zohrajabeen Lyrics Meaning B Praak

“Zohrajabeen,” a title of B Praak’s latest song, carries a poignant and evocative meaning that beautifully unfolds through its heartfelt chorus lines. Imagine a person deeply in love, addressing their beloved as they pour out their emotions. The term “Zohrajabeen” embodies a profound compliment, describing their partner’s radiant and enchanting beauty, akin to the brightness of Venus, captivating all who encounter them. The chorus lines depict the speaker’s unwavering devotion and sacrifice, expressing that they have faced numerous challenges and even shed tears for the sake of their love.

Despite all hardships, they affectionately declare their enduring love, urging their beloved not to treat them indifferently. Just like treasured possessions, they long to be cherished, not discarded like shoes. This vibrant example encapsulates the essence of “Zohrajabeen,” a term that embraces a sense of admiration, beauty, and profound love, touching the hearts of a diverse audience.


Zohrajabeen Zohrajabeen,
O’ beautiful one! O’ pretty one!
Zohrajabeen Zohrajabeen,
O’ lovely one! O’ gorgeous one!

Khoon Teri Yadon Ke, Khoon Teri Baton Ke,
The blood of your memories, your words,
Khoon Teri Shamon Ke, Khoon Teri Raton Ke,
of evenings I spent with you, of the nights we spent together,

Khoon Mere Sapnon Ke, Khoon Meri Chahaton Ke,
of my dreams, of your love for me, look closely;
Gaur Se Tu Dekh Khoon, Laga Tere Hathon Pe,
all of them are still on your lips.

Zohrajabeen Koi Mehfil Nahi,
O’ beautiful one, there is no such gathering…
Jis Mehfil Me Khoon Hamne Thooke Nahi,
where I haven’t spilled blood.

Zohrajabeen Tere Ashiq The,
O’ lovely one, I was your love;
Tere Ashiq Hai Tere Pairon Ke Joote Nahi,
I still am; don’t treat me like a shoe.

O’ beautiful one!

Ye Tu Kis Devte Ko Baliyan Chadhaye Meri,
Which deity are you going to sacrifice me to?
Pata Nahi Lagta Gardan Pe Var Ka,
Even though you struck my neck, I don’t feel it.

Tu Aur Tere Shehar Ke Log Sare,
You and the rest of your city…
Yar Banake Khoon Peete Hai Yar Ka,
first make ‘one’ their lover, then suck his blood.

Jan Koi Murdon Me Fooke Nahi,
Nobody has the power to bring the dead back to life.
Ham Tere Jaisa Yar Chhu’te Nahi,
I’d never touch a lover like you.
Tu Hi Tha Jhootha Hum Jhoothe Nahi,
You were the one who lied, not I.

Zohrajabeen Koi Mehfil Nahi,
Oh, gorgeous one, there is no such gathering…
Jis Mehfil Me Khoon Hamne Thooke Nahi,
where I haven’t spilt blood.

Zohrajabeen Tere Ashiq The,
Oh, adorable one, I was your love
and still am; Tere Ashiq Hai Tere Pairoke Joote Nahi,
don’t treat me like a shoe.

Oh, gorgeous one!

Ankhein Phod Deti Hai, Dil Nichod Deti Hai,
They cause my eyes to tear up and my heart to ache;
Yad Teri Dil Nahi, Haddiyan Tod Deti Hai,
your memories crush not only my heart but also my bones.

Tu Nahi Chhodta Kisi Ko Yahan,
You never spare anybody around here.
Ek Ghar To Jani Chudail Shod Deti Hai,
Even a witch must spare at least one home in her neighbourhood.

Use Nahi Pata Buri Bohat Hi Hoti Hai,
She has no idea how bad it makes me feel.
Jigar’ke Ar Par Chot Hi Hoti Hai,
My heart is broken from the inside out.

Aam Koi Hota To Bach Jati Zindagi,
My life would have been safe if I had fallen in love with someone else,
Shayar Se Bewafayi Maut Hi Hoti Hai,
but falling in love with a poet and confronting unfaithfulness means my demise is imminent.

Mere Hi Sap The Pale Sanam,
I raised the snakes…
Mujhko Hi Shod Jane Wale Sanam,
that have abandoned me.

Jaise Main Toota Kanch Toote Nahi,
Even the glass doesn’t shatter that terribly; that’s how badly I’ve broken.

Zohrajabeen Koi Mehfil Nahi,
Oh, beautiful one, there is no such gathering…
Jis Mehfil Me Khoon Hamne Thooke Nahi,
where I have not shed blood.

Zohrajabeen Tere Ashiq The,
Oh, pretty one, I was…
Tere Ashiq Hai Tere Pairoke Joote Nahi,
and still am your love; don’t treat me like a shoe.
O’ lovely one!

Zohrajabeen Punjabi Music Video | B Praak

The music video, skillfully directed by Arvindr Khaira, complements the song’s essence, beautifully visualizing the pain and longing expressed in the lyrics. Randeep Hooda and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary feature in the song video. B Praak’s heartfelt performance as the lead actor adds a personal touch to the narrative, making it all the more relatable and heartfelt.

“Zohrajabeen” is an ode to unrequited love, portraying the anguish of a lover who has given their heart and soul but is met with betrayal and indifference. The song’s bittersweet melody and heart-wrenching lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of unfulfilled love.

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Zohrajabeen Song Details
Track Zohrajabeen
Lead Singer B Praak
Lyrics Jaani
Music Maker B Praak

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