Emai Poyave Lyrics Translation | Padi Padi Leche Manasu by Sid Sriram

Find out meaning of ‘Emai Poyave’ a Telugu song also searched as ‘Emay Pothave’ by Sid Sriram in English by following its translations. Padi Padi Leche Manasu film of Sharwanand & Sai Pallavi features the track. Krishna Kanth scripts Telugu lyrics for ‘EMAYI POYAVE’ and Vishal Chandrashekar composes soothing music for it.
Emai Poyave song lyrics translation sid sririam

Song Name: Emai Poyave (Telugu)
Movie Name: Padi Padi Leche Manasu (2018)
Singer(s): Sid Sriram
Lyrics Writer(s): Krishna Kanth
Music Director(s): Vishal Chandrashekar
Actor(s): Sharwanand, Sai Pallavi
Record Label: 2018 Lahari Recording Company



Emai Poyaave Nee Vente Nenunte,
Where have I lost you. Even as I’m with you.
Emai Potaane Nuvvantu Lekunte,
What will I become without you.

Neeto Prati Pejee Nimpesane,
Teravaka Munde Pustakame Visiresave,
I’ve filled every page in my book with you
You’ve thrown the book aside even without opening it.

Naalo Pravahinche Oopirive,
Aaviri Chesi Aayuvune Teesesave,
You’re that breath of fresh air flowing within me.
Yet you’ve taken my breath away.

Ninu Veediponandi Naa Praaname,
Naa Oopirine Nilipedi Nee Dhyaaname,
I don’t want to part ways with you.
Its only with your thoughts I’m alive.

Sagame Ney Migilunnaa,
Saasanamidi Chebutunnaa,
Pone Lene Ninnodile,
I’ve lost a part of myself to you, Though I know this,
I can’t leave you.

Emai Poyaave Nee Vente Nenunte,
Emai Potaane Nuvvantu Lekunte,
Where have I lost you.
Even as I’m with you
What will I become; without you

Yetu Choodu Nuvve Etu Vellane,
Ney Leni Chote Nee Hrudayame,
Where should I go when you’re all around me.
Your heart is where I reside.

Nuv Leni Kala Kooda Raane Raade,
Kalalaaga Nuvu Maarake,
I only dream about you.
Please don’t turn into a dream.

Maranaanni Aapeti Varame Neeve,
Virahaala Vishameeyake,
You’re the boon that helps me overpower death.
Don’t be the venom that separates me from you.

Emai Poyaave Nee Vente Nenunte,
Where have I lost you. Even as I’m with you
Emai Potaane Nuvvantu Lekunte,
What will I become..without you.



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