Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Lyrics English [Meaning]: Bad Newz | Karan Aujla

“Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Lyrics Meaning” is a captivating song that skillfully weaves Hindi and Punjabi lyrics to create a playful, flirtatious ode to beauty. Karan Aujla’s enchanting vocals infuse the song with admiration for the allure and style of the woman it describes. The lyrics are embellished with references to luxury brands and exotic locations, adding to the song’s charm and appeal.

Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Lyrics Meaning Bad Newz Karan Aujla
Title Husn Tera Tauba Tauba
Movie/Album Bad Newz
Vocalist(s) Karan Aujla
Lyricist(s) Karan Aujla
Music Producer(s) Yeah Proof
Star Cast Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri

Bad Newz Movie’s Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Lyrics English [Meaning]

Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba
Your beauty, oh my, it’s unbelievable!
Ho Le Liya Kudi Ne Dil Sadda
The girl has stolen my heart,
Hale Thoda Saf Jeha Nai Irada
And her intentions seem a bit unclear.
Gutt Bahli Lambi Ni Rakhi Ae Mutiyar Ne
The young woman doesn’t seem to be fond of long hair,
Haye Dikhda Paranda Naiyon Dikhda Prada
But she doesn’t seem to wear a veil, but flaunt in ‘Prada.’

Figure Ton Lagdi Latino
Your figure looks like a Latina’s,
Ik Vari Dasdo Ji Ainni Kyun Shaukeen Ho
Tell me once, why are you so stylish?
Kal Hi Tu Italy Ton Aayi Marjaniye
You just arrived from Italy yesterday, my dear,
Te Purse Tu Paris Ton Mangwaya Valentino
And your purse is Valentino from Paris.

Han, Tainu Kyun Na Dikha
Why don’t you notice me?
Tere Ton Ki Sikhaan? Tere Te Ki Likhaan?
What should I learn from you and how should I write about you?
Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba
Your beauty, oh my, it’s unbelievable!

Sohniye Ni Akh Teri Theif Ae
Oh my dear, your eyes are like a thief,
Aira-Gaira Dekhdi Nai Aiddan Tan Shareef Aa
They don’t look at anyone else, they are so noble.

Aithe Kehndi Too Much ​Desi Tan Hi
You complain there are too many lcoals here,
Chill Kare London Te Party ​Ibiza
but you relax in London and party in Ibiza.
Sadde Layi Free Nahi Bhora Lagdi
You don’t seem free for me,
IG Story Tu Tan Bora Bora Lagdi
Your Instagram story looks like Bora Bora.

Vaaj Teri Sohniye Sureeli Noori Vargi
Girl, your voice is very melodic, like ‘Amar Noorie.’
Jadon Lak Hilda Ae Ohda Tan Nora Lagdi
When you wind your waist, it resembles that of Nora Fatehi.
Han, Milna Dasde
Yes, tell me when we can meet,
Koi Than Dasse Meri Jan Dass De
Tell me the place, my dear, tell me.
Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba
Your beauty, oh my, it’s unbelievable!

Haye Mittran Ton Akh Teri Mange Kangna
Your eyes are requesting a bracelet from me.
Hune Main Bana Da Mainu Das Tan Sahi
I’ll make you a bracelet; just tell me it’s okay.
Jan Mang’la Main Taithon Jan Varda
If you ask for my life, and I’ll give it away right there,
Aape Niklugi Ni Tu Hass Tan Sahi
It will come on its own; only attempt to ask with a smile.

Haye Tere Vich Nasha Pehle Tod Da Kude
Oh, you have the intoxication like homemade boo_e, my dear,
Sohniye Sharab Da Tan Nam Lagda
Its al_ohol that is blamed.
Sade Ton Chadhayi Teri Vadh Ho Gayi
You have grown more popular than me,
Nikle Tan Sadkan Te Jam Lagda
When you come out, it causes traffic jams on the roads.

Han, Gall Man Meri
Yes, listen to me,
Mehman Meri Tu Ae Jan Meri
You’re my guest, you’re my life.
Husn Tera Tauba Tauba Tauba Tauba
Your beauty, oh my, it’s unbelievable!

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