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Janam Fida E Haideri Lyrics with Meaning in English by Sadiq Hussain: “Janam Fida E Haideri” is a powerful and emotional Urdu language religious song that has been gaining a lot of popularity for its soulful composition and heartfelt lyrics. Sung by Sadiq Hussain, the song is a proper tribute to the devotion and love for Haider, a figure revered in Islam. The lyrics, written by Saleem Abbas, are full of depth and meaning, and the music, composed by Asrar Shah, Majid Raza, and Asrar Shah, perfectly complements the lyrics. The video, directed by Kamran Ehsaan, does justice to the song, highlighting its emotional intensity.

janam fida e haideri lyrics english translation


Jaanam Fida e Haderi, Ya Ali Ali Ali
Dear, Haider, I dedicate my life to you. O Ali allusion…
Jaanam Fida e Haderi Ya Ali Ali Ali
Dear, Haider, I dedicate my life to you. O Ali allusion…

Hai Muhammad Mera Dil Tu Seana Ali
Ali is my chest if Mohammad is my heart.
Mere Jeene Ka Wahid Qareena Ali
I shall only live one way, and it will be Ali’s.

Deen E Islam Ka Ha Nagina Ali
Ali is the crown gem of the Islamic religion.
Haq Ki Manzil Ka Pehla Hai Zeena Ali
Ali is the designation that everyone truly deserve. Ali is also the first stair to the destination.

Dasht Mein ‘abr Ka Pehla Qatra Ali
Ali is the first drop of rain from the clouds in the desert.
Mera Murshid Bhi Aaqa Bhi Maula Ali
Ali is my Mentor, my Master, and my God.

Ali Maula Ali,
Oh, dear, Hazrat Ali!
Harsu Saday E Haideri, Ya Ali Ali Ali
Haider is constantly present everywhere.
Jaanam Fida E Haideri, Ya Ali Ali Ali
Dear, Haider, I dedicate my life to you. O Ali allusion…

Subha Say Sham Tak Har Pehar Har Ghari, Lab Py Apnay Rahy Nar E Haideri
We may all recite the slogan “Hazrat Ali” from sunrise to dusk.
Yani Khaibar-Shikan, Yani Mushkil Kusha, Bad E Yezdan K Hai Doosra Aasira
He, the conqueror of Fort near Medina, the solver of difficulties… He is my second defender after the Goddess of Righteousness.

Main Musibat Mai Ab Kyun Parishan Rahoon
Why should I be bothered during such difficult times?
Gham Ke Maron Ka Hai Tu Sahara Ali
Oh, Ali, you are the comforter for the grieving.

Ali Maula Ali
Oh, dear, Hazrat Ali!
Ramz E Baqa E Hashmi, Ya Ali Ali Ali

The symbol and name of Prophet Muhammad’s immortality will go on forever.
Jaanam Fida E Haideri Ya Ali Ali Ali
Dear, Haider, I have devoted my life to you. O Ali allusion…

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Stream new music video for Janam Fida E Haideri with refreshing lyrics adorably sung by Sadiq Hussain.

Janam Fida E Haideri Song Details
Name of Song Janam Fida E Haideri
Songster Sadiq Hussain
Writer of Poetry Saleem Abbas
Music Maker Asrar Shah, Majid Raza, Asrar Shah

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