Mangoge Na Lyrics English Translation: Arjuna Harjai

Arjuna Harjai’s “Mangoge Na Lyrics Translation” is an emotionally charged song that beautifully conveys the protagonist’s longing and hope through soulful lyrics and melodic vocals. The protagonist questions why love has turned into separation and expresses confusion and longing for a loved one who seems distant.

Mangoge Na Lyrics English Translation Arjuna Harjai
Title Mangoge Na
Vocalist(s) Arjuna Harjai
Lyricist(s) Surabhi Dashputra
Producer(s) Arjuna Harjai

The translated Hindi lyrics to the song “Mangoge Na” express the protagonist’s desire for assurance and commitment from their beloved. They fear abandonment but hope their beloved will hold on to their love. The imagery of shooting stars and fallen eyelashes symbolizes wishes and prayers. The protagonist hopes always to be remembered and cherished by their beloved.


Yahan Ke Kayade Hi Samajh Nahin Hai Aate
The regulations here are unclear to me.
Jo Pyar Se The Aaye Vo Door Kyun Hai
People who arrived with love, why are they now so distant?
Jate Kaho Na Tum To Aise Kabhi Bhi Na Karoge
Please don’t say you’re leaving, Never abandon me,
Rahoge Jab Talak Hai Aasman
Stay for as long as possible, when the sky falls apart,

Ke Toote Jab Bhi Tare Meri Hi Duaen Tum Unse Mangoge
Whenever you see a shooting star, will you make a wish for me?
Na Jo Toote Palke Teri Hathelee Pe Woh Rakh Ke Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na
If any of your eyelashes fall out, would you place them on your palm and make a wish for me, while closing your eyes?
Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na, Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na
You’re going to ask for me in your wishes and prayers, right?

Main Tere Liye Kya Duniya Se Hoon Kam
Yoon Hi Toh Nahin Mera Yeh Veham

To confirm, am I not as important to you as the entire world or is this simply a misunderstanding on my part?
Jo Bheed Ho Kahin Pe Mujhe Fikr Se Tum Thamoge Na
Will you still care for me and hold me close even in a large crowd?
Main Haar Maan Jaun, Magar Kabhi Bhi Tum Na Manoge Na
While I may lose hope, I trust that you will never give up on me, correct?

Jo Toote Pal Ke Teri Hatheli Pe Vo Rakh Ke Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na
If any of your eyelashes happen to fall off, would you please place them on the palm of your hand and make a wish about me?
Ke Toote Jab Bhi Tare Meri Hi Duwyaen Tum Unse Mangoge Na
In case the stars fall apart, would you remember to make a wish about me?
Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na, Mujhe Hi Mangoge Na
In your prayers, wishes, you are going to ask for me right?

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Mangoge Na Music Video

The Hindi music video “Mangoge Na” portrays the emotions of love and longing through its poignant lyrics and soulful music. It is relatable to those who have felt the pain of separation and hope for a reunion. Starring Arjuna Harjai, the video is a must-watch for all Hindi music lovers.

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