Mera Pyar Tera Pyar Lyrics (with Translation) – Jalebi Movie | Arijit Singh

Mera Pyar Tera Pyar - Jalebi Arijit Singh Full Song(1)Mera Pyar Tera Pyar Lyrics with English Translation from the most recent Bollywood movie Jalebi is a romantic song performed by Jeet Gannguli, Arijit Singh. This Hindi track was released on Sep 21, 2018 by (P) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Rashmi Virag is writer of “TERA PYAR MERA PYAR” song lyrics and Varun Mitra, Rhea Chakraborty are the stars in music video from the film.


Main jitna tumhe dekhun, Mann ye na bhare,
The more I look at you, I can’t get enough of you,

Mai jitna tumhe sochun, Mann ye na bhare,
The more I think about you, I can’t get enough of you,

In aankhon mein chhalakta hai, Mera pyar, tera pyar
Our love clearly reflects in your eyes and in mine,
Kahin tujhme dhadakta hai, Mera pyar tera pyar,
It beats in heart of mine. Your love and my love.

Main jitna tumhe dekhun
Mann ye na bhare,

Main jitna tumhe sochun
Mann ye na bhare.

Thoda sa mera hai thoda tumhara
It’s little yours and a little mine,
Mila jula sa ye khwaab humara,
In fact, It’s our dream together.

Ek meethi dhun sunayi de rahi aajkal
A sweet tune that I can hear these days,
Hans ke saare gham humare dega khushiyon mein badal,
All our sorrows will be alleviated with just a smile.

Mera pyaar tera pyaar,
My love and your love.

Main jitna tumhein dekhun,
Mann yeh na bhare
Main jitna tumhein sochoon
Mann yeh na bhare.

Koyi nahi sau saal jiya hai, Pyar magar kayam rehta hai,
No one lives forever but love stays forever and ever,
Dhoop khushbu aur hawayein, Banke ye reh jaayega
The sun, the moon and the breeze will keep it alive.
Baad apne bhi humare, Ye jahaan mekhayega,
Even after we’re no more, love will still prevail in this world.

Meraa pyaar teraa pyaar.
My love and your love.

Main jitna tumhe dekhun
The more I look at you,
Mann ye na bhare,
I cannot get enough of you,
Main jitna tumhe sochun
The more I think of you,
Mann ye na bhare.
I cannot get enough of you.

With meaning of lyrics in English, the romantic song “Tera Pyar Mera Pyar” in voice of Arijit Singh is here.