Shor Lyrics: Mooroo, Umair & Talha Anjum Translations

“Shor” is an Urdu song from the Bittersweet EP featuring Mooroo, Umair, and Talha Anjum. The lyrics, written by Mooroo and Talha Anjum and translated into English, depict a tale of emotions, anticipation, and longing. The song blends various emotions, from love to introspection, against the backdrop of a sleeping city.

Shor Lyrics Translation Mooroo Umair Talha Anjum

The lyrics of the “Shor” track express the protagonist’s restlessness as he waits for someone special. The lines convey a profound yearning and the excitement of anticipating a reunion. As the lyrics unfold, an element of mystery builds suspense and curiosity about the awaited person.


Sheher Hai Soya Shor Dheem Gaya Hai
The city is sleeping, and the noise has stopped.
Main Jaga Baitha Han Tere Intezar Mein
I’m sitting awake, waiting for you.

Ab Sari Batein Tujhko Bata Dunga Jab Tu Aye
Now I’ll tell you everything when you arrive.
Aur Aj Tu Aa Rahi Hai Pukar Rahi Hai Mana Rahi Hai Bula Rahi Hai
And now you’re here, calling, persuading, and calling me.

Tu Na Jane Kitni Batein Mere Dil Mein Tujhko Kehne Ko
You have no clue how many things I want to tell you in my heart.
Aur Mujhko Kehna Jo Hai Vo Main Na Paun Bol
And I can’t express what I really want to say.

Tere Peechhe Poora Sheher Pagal Hai That I Know
As far as I can tell, the whole city is insane behind you.
Par In Saron Mein Bhi Na Koi Mera Tol
However, none of them can compete with me.

Sheher Hai Soya Shor Dheem Gaya Hai
The city is asleep, the noise has subsided.
Main Jaga Baitha Han Tere Intezar Mein
I am sitting awake, yes, waiting for you.

Galiyon Mein Khoya Tujhe Main Dhoondh Raha Hoon
Lost in the streets, I am looking for you.
Jage Hue Soya Uthe Hue Let Chuka Hoon
I am asleep while awake, I have fallen asleep while standing up.

Aur Mujhse Jeene Ki Tu Wajah Poochh Ke Tu Aye
And you come asking me the reason for living.
Aur Aj Tu Aa Rahi Hai Pukar Rahi Hai Manva Rahi Hai Bula Rahi Hai
And today you are coming, calling me, persuading me, calling me.

Tera Na Ana Mujhe Mar DŠµta Jan
Your not coming would have killed me, darling
Ab Tu Ayi Hai Toh Bal Bal Bache Hum
Now that you have come, we have survived by a hair’s breadth

Meri Gully TerŠµ Liye Hi Toh Roshan
My street is lit up just for you
Tu Ayi Ise Char Chand Lage Ab
When you come, it will be even more beautiful

Janam Tum Ho Ab Toh Kya Gam
Darling, what is the matter now?
Mehek Utha Hai Alam Teri Zulfon Ke Khul Ke Bikharne Se
The world is fragrant with the smell of your hair spread out

Main Likhta Hoon Sab Tere Liye Lekin Darta Hoon Tere Age Padhne Se
I write everything for you but I am afraid to read it in front of you
Main Likhun Aftab Ke Ubharne Pe
Should I write about the rising sun?

Ya Likhun Us Chandni Ke Marne Pe
Or should I write about the setting moon?
Ya Likhun Teri Nazron Ke Jadoo Pe
Or should I write about the magic of your eyes?

Ya Likhun Unke Sharma Ke Jhukne Pe
Or should I write about their shyness?
Ya Likhun Un Pahadon Ke Bare
Or should I write about those mountains?

Ab Jinke Kinare Hum Sadke Bana Kar Toh Kehne Ko Ghar Ja Rahe Hain
On whose shores we are now going home, making roads
Safar Mein Hi Toh Sare Manzar Ane Hain
All the sights are to be seen on the journey

Tujhse Milne Ke Toh Sau Bahane Hain
There are a hundred excuses to meet you
Ansoon Lahu Hamne Sab Baha Liya
We have shed tears, blood, we have shed everything

Tumne Mujhe Kya Zakham Lagane Hain
What wounds do you want to give me?
Ab Chhodo Bhi Na Ye Dil Shikastagi
Now don’t leave this heartbreak

I See What You See Tu Kab Se Hai Roothi
I see what you see, you have been angry for a long time
Kuchh Batein Adhoori Kuch Batein Zaroori Hi Nahi
Some things are incomplete, some things are not necessary

Neendein Bhi Poori Na Hui
Even my sleep was not complete
Khuli Jo Ankh Toh Na Wo Zamana Tha Na Hi Koi Manzar Aur Tu Bhi Nahi
When I opened my eyes, it was neither the same time, nor any sight, nor you

Sheher Ka Sannata Aur Main Hum Donon Mein Tu Ab Nahi
The silence of the city and I, you are not in either of us
Jaise Jisam Hai Rooh Ab Nahi
As if the body is there, the soul is not

Jaise Lage Ankh Ab Jo Meri Toh Main Wapas Uthun Hi Nahi
As if I don’t feel like getting up even if my eyes open
Sheher Hai Soya Shor Dheem Gaya Hai
The city is asleep, the noise has subsided.
Main Jaga Baitha Han Tere Intezar Mein
I am sitting awake, yes, waiting for you.

Shor Music Video

The music video for ‘Shor’ is an exceptionally crafted cinematic masterpiece that showcases the talents of Faz Fawad, Mooroo, Umair, and Talha Anjum. It delves deep into the complexities of emotions, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and the profound impact that a long-awaited presence can have.

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Song Credits
Title Shor
Singer(s) Mooroo, Umair, Talha Anjum
Lyrics Writer(s) Mooroo, Talha Anjum
Composer(s) Taimoor Salahuddin
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