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Thozhi Lyrics from the Tamil movie ‘Hey Sinamika’ featuring Kajal Aggarwal, Dulquer Salmaan is a artistic song, and it has comely vocal by Pradeep Kumar. The alarming lyrics of the Thozhi chantey are jotted down by Madan Karky. Govind Vasantha is the accordionist of THOZHI’s very good music. The delicious music video of the sound is headed by Brinda.

thozhi lyrics hey sinamika meaning in english



Yarodum Kanadha Thooimaiyai, Unnil Nan Kangiren,
The pureness I saw in none, I see in you.
Mun Endrum Illadha Asaigal, Unnale Nan Kolgiren,
Wishes I never had before, I sense now, because of you.

Vazhiyile Idhayathin Nizhalai, Neelgindrai, Nan Ooiya,
Like a shadow of my own heart, you extend in my path, for me to rest.
Vizhiyile Thelithidum Kadalai, Agindrai En Seiven,
If you become the playful ocean, that splashes on my eyes. What can I do?
Solladee Thozhi Thozhi, Ennarundhozhi Solladee,
Please tell me, O friend. My precious friend. Please tell me.

Hey Kannadiye, En Bimbam Ennaippol Illaiye Unil,
Hey, my mirror, in you, my reflection is unlike me.
Hey En Vanoliye, En Pechu Thooral, Pol Ketkudhe Unil,
Hey, my radio, in you, my words I hear as drizzles.
Hey En Nizharthunaiye, Murattu Maunam Menmaiyai Pesuma,
O my confidante, Can an untamed silence speak so softly?

Hey Hey Uyirkkadhave Thirakkumboadhe, Ayiram Vasam Veesuma,
O door of life, even as you open, can a thousand fragrances waft in?
Thozhi Thozhi, Ennarundhozhi Solladee,
O friend, My precious friend. Please tell me.

Needhana Ennulle Veezhvadhu, Theera Thooralgalai,
Are you the one who falls upon my soul. As unending raindrops?
Kavidhaigal Suvaithidum Thunaiyai, Neeyanai Neeyanai,
To relish poetry, a companion, you are. My companion, you are.

Purindhida Varigalin Porulai, Ketkindrai En Seiven,
If you ask me To reveal hidden abstractions. What can I do?
Solladee Solladee, Solladee Solladee,
Please tell me.
Thozhi Thozhi, Ennarundhozhi Solladee,
O friend, My precious friend. Please tell me.

Hey Sinamika Film’s Thozhi Music Video | Kajal Aggarwal | Dulquer Salmaan

Let’s stream today’s music video for Thozhi from a delicious movie Hey Sinamika.

Make sure to check Thozhi Song Lyrics that Pradeep Kumar dazzlingly hummed and are featured in the Hey Sinamika film of Dulquer Salmaan, Kajal Aggarwal . Madan Karky has drafted down the Thozhi Tamil lyrics and Brinda ruledthe music video.