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Uyirin Nadhiye, with the meaning of its imaginary lyrics, is another masterpiece from the movie Mayaanadhi. This musical and visual treat will make you fall in love with the river of life. The lyrics, penned by Vinayak Sasikumar, are lyrical and imaginative, depicting the river as a source of dreams, wishes, and wonder. The singers Neha Nair and Rex Vijayan, the composer, create a harmonious and soothing melody that will calm your senses and fill your heart with joy.

uyirin nadhiye lyrics meaning in english

You will enjoy reading the Uyirin Nadhiye track’s lyrics with their translation in English, as they will enhance your appreciation of the Malayalam language and its rich poetic heritage. Uyirin Nadhiye is a song that will make you feel alive and grateful for the river of life. Don’t miss this wonderful song from Mayaanadhi, one of the most acclaimed movies in Malayalam cinema.


Uyirin Nadhiye Ozhukum Maya Nadhiye,
Hey, flowing river of magic, hello river of life.
Kanavin Kunju Theerangal Nee Kanduvo
Did you notice many little dream banks?

Mohangalam Pookkale Thottuvo Venal Veyil Konduvo
Did you touch the wishes flowers? Did you sing during the summer heat wave?
Niramariyil Mei Nananjuvo Nadhiye, Pala Yathrakal Nee Arinjuvo
Did you soak in a river during a rainstorm? Did you travel often?

Uyirin Nadhiye Ozhukum Maya Nadhiye, Kanavin Kunju Theerangal Nee Kanduvo
Hey, river of life, river of wonder, did you come across any little banks of dreams?
Mohangalam Pookkale Thottuvo
Did you touch the flowers of wishes?

Veyilum Manjum Ee Jeevanil, Orupol Thannu Nee Vaname
You, sky, provided me with both sunlight and snow in my life.
Njan En Pattinte Eenangalil Thedave, Nee En Varikalayi Cherunnuvo
You are joining me as my lines as I search for the tunes for my song.

Uyirin Nadhiye Ozhukum Maya Nadhiye, Kanavin Kunju Theerangal Nee Kanduvo
Hey, flowing river of enchantment, river of life, did you touch the wishing flowers?
Mohangalam Pookkale Thottuvo, Kanavin Kunju Theerangal Nee Kanduvo
Did you come across any little banks of dreams?

Uyirin Nadhiye Full Song | Mayaanadhi

Mayaanadhi Film’s Uyirin Nadhiye Music Video | Aishwarya Lekshmi | Tovino Thomas

The music video, helmed by Aashiq Abu, is a delight to watch, as it showcases the scenic beauty of the river and the natural charm of Tovino Thomas and Aishwarya Lekshmi, who portray the protagonists in Mayaanadhi. The song is a celebration of life and its mysteries, and the river is a symbol of love and hope.

Uyirin Nadhiye Song Details
Title of Song Uyirin Nadhiye
Movie Mayaanadhi
Artist Neha Nair, Rex Vijayan
Songwriter Vinayak Sasikumar
Music Composer Rex Vijayan
Entertainer Aishwarya Lekshmi, Tovino Thomas

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