Bournvita Lyrics – Jassi Gill

Bournvita Lyrics is a most catchy song by Jassi Gill as a surprise release by him to his fans on his this year’s birthday.The song is inspired from a brand of malted and chocolate malt drink mixes which are quite popular in India.Lyrics of Jassi Gill’s new Punjabi song ‘BOURNVITA’ are written from very well respected lyricist Kabal Saroopwali whereas Bhangra music of the anthem is produced by Desi Routz.The promising track is from Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai’s new music album named as Jump To Bhangra, releasing under the music company of Speed Records.


Album: Jump 2 Bhangra

Song Title: Bournvita

Singers: Jassi Gill

Music Composer: Desi Routz

Lyrics Writer: Kabal Saroopwali

Label: Speed Records

Bournvita Lyrics – Jassi Gill | Punjabi Songs

Thok dene main ayi te jadon aa gaya
Haale thanda jatt
Gussa jadon kha gaya,

Dekhi pajjde akhan na naiyo dikhne
Jede shar-e-aam khaas ban de.

Bournvita ton bagair dudh peende na
Tere shehri badmash ban de (x2).

Ho tere college de jede batch mate ne
Din thode aa rakaane dene sek ne.

Tere college de jehde batch-mate ne
Din thode aa rakane dene sek ne
Aas ehna nu future-an di disu na
Jede teacher-an di aas ban de.

Bornvita ton bagair dudh peende na
Tere sheri badmaash ban de (x2).

Jede kehnde sadi utte sarkar aa
Bas ikko ik sotte di hi maar aa (x2),

Jede dil je banaunde tain dekh ke
Dekhi takkan de cross ban de,
Bournvita ton bagair dudh peende na
Tere shehri badmash ban de (x2).

Jehde bane aa crazy gang war de
Peri pain ge rakane tere yaar de (x2),

Ho saare ‘Kabal Saroopwali’ shill dau
Jede Romeo di jaat ban de,

Born-vita ton bagair dudh peende na
Tere shehri badmaash ban de (x2).