Dil Ton Black – Jassi Gill – Badshah

Dil Ton Black is a fresh collaboration song of Jassi Gill with rap of Badshah. Jaani is lyrics writer and music composer. Songster B Praak is music director. Get English translation of verses here.



Oh jadon langha kolon ohde
Khangdi kudi,
Lakk de sahare dil mangdi kudi,
The girl pretends to cough (tries to have my attention)
When I pass by her,
She tries to flatten me with her slim waist.
Jadon langha kolo ohde khangdi kudi
Lak de sahare dil…
Jaan-jaan turdi ae high-heel paake
Utton lakk nu ghuma ke baby bas kar ni
Maargi tu akh mainu
Hoya ki aa baby tenu
Le gayi mainu kone wich hath fad ni.
 Purposely she walks wearing high-heels,
And winds here waist, Baby that’s enough
You winked at me, What just happened to you ?
Later you took me to a corner, holding me hand.
Ho paundi ae khalaare
Ohde sare puthe kaare ohde
Duniya ton jama vi na sangdi kudi.
 She causes chaos, All her acts are turn wrong
And yet she is not shy of no one.
 O dil ton black gore rang di kudi
Lak de sahare dil mangdi kudi.
 That girl is black from heart & fair from her skin,
And taking advantages of her slim waist,
She tries to take my heart away.
 Oh kendi mere kol aja lagda na ji
Pata nai oh mere kolon bhaaldi aa ki,
 She asks me to go with her, cause she is misses me,
Don’t know, What she expects from me.
 Oye kardi shikaar nawe bhaldi pyar
Nawe chote-chote bacheyan nu dangdi kudi.
 She hunts and is always in search of new love,
She hits new-coming teenagers with hear beauty.
 Oh dil ton black gore rang di kudi
Lakk de sahare dil mangdi kudi.
 Black from the heart and quite fair from skin, that girl is,
With the help of her waist, She tries to flatten me.

 Badshah’s rap verse,

Dil tera black, face tera white
Gaadi meri black, paisa sara white
Kudi wrong tu, phir bhi lagge right
Tu hai lite, main hoon dynamite.

Boom! paas tu ayegi, jo haath lagayegi toh hogi explosion
Chad gayi tu sar pe
Ex jaisi ban ke
Sab slow motion.

Mujhe muh lagayegi toh lat lag jayegi
Iski bhi sharat ae
LV de camo wich German amo lage
Kudi badi galt ae.

 Oye socheya si main ohde paina ni pyar ch
Cheez bade kam di bitha layi main ta car ch,
 Thought, I wouldn’t fall in lover with her
But it’s worth loving her so I took her in my car.
 Socheya si main ohde paina ni pyar ch
Cheez bade kam di….
Oh Jaani, Jaani, Jaani, Jaani…..
Jaani nu chada gayi lor bhang di kudi.
She grew so high on Jaani.
O dil ton black gore rang di kudi
Lak de sahare dil mangdi kudi.

DILL TON BLACK Song lyrics Jassi Gill

The latest Punjabi song “Dil Ton Black” featuring Jeniffer Picanto, with vocals of Jassie Gill has music production of B Praak and lyrics to it are drafted by Jaani. Meaning of song verses is shared here.

Album Name: Dil Ton Black (Punjabi)
Artists: Jassi Gill, Badshah, B Praak
Lyrics Writer(s): Jaani
Video Director: Arvindr Khaira
Music Director: B Praak
Label: T-series

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