Dr Zeus – Woofer | Zora Randhawa

Dr Zeus - Woofer Song Snoop Dogg Zora Randhawa

The Punjabi song “Woofer” is a latest collaboration of Zora Randhawa, Snoop Dogg with Dr Zeus and Nargis Fakhri. The name of lyrics writer is Jaggi Jagowal & Being U Music company has released it.



It Still Ain’t Nuthin’ But A ‘g’ Thang
‘G’ Thang! ‘g’ Thang!
I Jumped Out Of The Car, Let The Beat Bang.

Vajda Woofer Gaddi Ch
Pendi Dhamak Gali Wich Saari
Aan Buhe Wich Khad Jaawein
Teri Mitran De Naal.

Mumbai, Let’s Go!
Wajda Woofer Gaddi ch,
Zeus, You Got What I Want
What I Want Is What You Got.

Aan Boohe Vich Khad Jaavein
Big Up As We Have Snoop Dogg In The House Yea

Wajda Woofer Gaddi ‘ch
Paindi Dhamak Gali Vich Sari
Say What?
Aan Boohey Vich Khad Jaavey
Bro! Bro!
I Told You Mothe__fu__s That I Just Can’t Stop,
I Jumped Out The Car Let The Beat Bang,
It Still Ain’t Nothing’ But A ‘G’ Thang,
With That Heat Man, I Stand Tall,
Homie Out Of Pocket Get Yo Man Dawg.

Your Girl In Love With A Crip Cuz,
I Seen Her On The Pole At A Strip Club,
Scoopin Up Money In A Trash Bag,
Long Weave, Asṣ Fat,
All On A Ni__ Tip
Drip Drop, Drop Drip,
Look At These Hoes All Over A Pimp,
My System Thump, Woofers Knock,
Hustlin For The Money Like I’m Working The Block,
I Told You Moth_rfu__ke_s That I Just Can’t Stop,
You Punch The Clock
See I Just Aim And Pop And Set Up Shop
Until I Make The Beat Go Pop.

Wajda Woofer Gaddi ‘ch
Pendi Dhamak Gali wich Sari
Aan Buhe Vich Khad Jaavey
Teri Mitran De Nal Yaari.

You Got What I Want,
What I Want Is What You Got,
You Know What To Do,
Coz You Drop It Like Its Hot,
Everybody Knows It’s Zeus In The Spot,
Repping East N West, Woofer!

Smoking On My Vapour,
Piling Up My Paper,
Thtas Right,
Smoking On That Vapour,
Stacking Up That Paper.

It Still Ain’t Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang

Gali Teri AaKe Dil Hoje Baag-O-Baag Ni
Chaki Jaye Speaker-an Di Soniye Awaz Ni
Jaggi Jagowal Kudey
Patteya Teri Dildari,

Woofer Gaddi ‘ch
Pendi Dhamak Gali Vich Saari
Aan Boohe Vich Khad Jave
Teri Mitran De Naal Yaari,
(Lets Go! You Know What To Do
Cause You Drop It Like Its Hot).