Song: Meri Sardarniye

Singer: Ranjit Bawa

Music: Jassi X

Lyrics: Fateh Shergill

Music Label: T-series

Meri Sardarniye Lyrics from music sensation Ranjit Bawa is a joyful song and gets its lyrics with meaning and English Translation.Parmish Verma has direted video of Meri Sardarni song whose lyrics are penned by Fateh Shergill.

Meri Sardarniye Lyrics – Ranjit Bawa

Mann ja na mann teri meharbani ae
Mere jehe naal jo nibhayi jaani ae (x2),

Main jina khafa howaan
Ho tu ona hi pyar jatawein
Meriye sardarniye ni tenu umar meri lag jaave
Meriye sardarniye, tenu umar meri lag jaave.

Even you agree or don’t, It’s graciousness
That you are spending love life with me,
How angry I be
You evince that much love of yours
My princess, May rest of my life span be added to you.

Gusse vich tainu ucha neeva bol paine aan
Par tere bina ik bind vi na rehne aan (x2),

Ik-ik pal kalleyan nu
Sohn rabb di khan nu aave,

Meriye sardaariye
Haan tainu umar meri lag jave
meriye sardaarniye
Haye tainu umar meri lag jave.

Sometimes in anger I speak recklessly to you
But still don’t live a single second without you
Even a moment comes to kill when I am alone
My princess, May my rest of  life span be added to you.

Jeyondi reh ni meri har galti bhulauniye
Darda haan kite tainu kho na dewaan soniye (x2),

Jad matha chumdi aein
Meri jaan jaan vich aave,

Meriye sardarniye
Haye tainu umar meri lag jaave
Meriye sardarniye
Tainu umar meri lag jaave.

Live long, my every mistake forgetter
I am afraid of losing you
When you kiss my forehead
It reliefs me
My princess, May my rest of life span be added to you.

Teri thaan te hor hundi
chhad dendi fateh nu
Hun tak dil vichon
Kadd dendi fateh nu (x2),

Aakad chhanna wale di
Tere bin na koi chal paave,
Meri-ye sardarniye tenu umar meri lag jave (x3).

If there was somebody else
She would have left ‘Fateh’
Until now, would have forgot him from the heart
’Chhanna Wala’ cannot show his attitude in front of you
My princess, May my rest of life span be added to you.