Pagal – Happy Raikoti

Pagal song Happy RaikotiPAGAL LYRICS from HAPPY RAIKOTI – Here you can read English translation of full song. The Punjabi track is produced by Gold Boy and it’s loving music film has direction from Baljit Singh Deo.


The evergreen lyrics are well written poetry of Raikoti himself. The tune “PAGAL” released from music company named as Humbe Music.


Gali gali tere pishe firdi rahi ve
Main kalli-kalli keeti gal jo tu kahi ve,

Main tera intezar kar karke,
Yaadan teriyan naal mar-marke,
Yaadan vich shamil ho gayi ve

Ve hun das odon aawenga,
Jado main pagal ho gayi ve -x2.

Gali gali tere pishe firdi rahi ve.

Oh my love, I kept looking for you to every street
I have fulfilled everything that you asked
Await for you
Dying in your love memories
Have been united with them
Oh beloved, Would you come back only when I will get completely mad because of the separation
Street to street I kept looking for you.

Kine tu ganaye taare chan nu pata ne
Das taan tu ja methon hoyi ki khata ve

Har pal yaad teri rahi ae sataa ve
Kedi gallon kaare na taras tu rataa ve

Main tera mukhda vekhan layi
Agg pyara di sekkan layi
Ishq nu hasil hogayi ve.

How many stars I have counted in your wait
The only moon knows about that
Tell me dear, What mistake I have made ?
Your memory is making me lose control every moment
Why you don’t pity me at all ?
To see your face, To feel the warmness of love
I have given myself to soulful love.

Ve hun das odon avenga,
Jadon main pagal ho gayi ve -x2.

Galee galee tere piche phirdi rahi ve.

Hanjuan te likhya ae naam tera soneya ve
Dikhda kyon ni shar-e-aam tera soneya

Lut put hoya ae araam mera shoneya,
Dil labbe pyar subha-sham tera shoneya,

Happy raikoti na tarsa,
Tu bas kar hor na azmaa,
Main hun tera kabil hogayi ve.

Vey hun das ohdo aavenga,
Jado main paagal ho gayi vey -x2.

Gali gali tere pishe firdi rahi vey.

My tears are marked with your name
Why are they not visible to you, my beauty
My comfort has been snatched away from me
Heart looks for your love every morning and evening
Oh happy raikoti don’t tantalize me
This is enought, don’t test me anymore
Now I’m deserving you.

Album Name: Pagal (Punjabi)
Performer, Songwriter: Happy Raikoti
Video Director: Baljit Singh Deo
Music Director: Gold Boy
Label: Humble Music

Music Video Summary: The song Happy Raikoti sings from a wife’s side who faces a solitary while her soldier husband had a sudden call of duty to join the war. The lovely lady misses her husband all the while and strongly believes that her man will come back home one day. Finally her beloved returns home after 13 years of being prisoner of war. The scene they meet takes the video to a sentimental level, while couple is excited and emotional at the same time to see each other back again. This music video is shot in exotic places of Europe and it has been created by Baljit Singh Deo.