Suit Lyrics – Guru Randhawa Feat Arjun

Suit Suit Lyrics – Guru Randhawa Feat Arjun | Irrfan Khan – Hindi Medium

The song “SUIT SUIT” has recently been featured in Irrfan Khan & Saba Qamar’s latest Hindi movie named as “Hindi Medium.” The singers and lyrics of tune are same instead.

The Suit Suit song with lyrics Ft. Suit Suit Video Song | Hindi Medium | Irrfan Khan & Saba Qamar
The Suit Suit song with lyrics Ft. Irrfan Khan & Saba Qamar – Hindi Medium

Album Name/ Song Title: Suit Singers: Arjun, Guru Randhawa Music Producer: Intense Lyrics Writers: Guru Randhawa, Arjun Music Label: T-series Released on: 24 Jun,2016

Once again ‘SAME GIRL SONG’ crew Guru Randhawa and Arjun collaborates to make mind blowing song ‘Suit Lyrics’ which is a fusion song with Punjabi verses amazingly sung by Guru Randhawa and English verses tremendously sung & written by Arjun.Music of the song seems like adapted from world’s no. 1 chartbuster song DJ Major’s ‘LEAN ON’ however it sounds pretty good in the way it is sung by both artists in a unique way.Intense is name of the music producer who has added hair-raising musical beats to the track, presented by T-series.


Know whatever you at bae, (babe)
You can make the whole room stare,
But you know that my favourite,
Is when you rock it this is way.

O tenu suit suit karda [x2],
Suit karda, tenu suit-suit karda,

O ni tu lagdi punjaban,
lagdi patola,
Lage ni tu sareya to vakh ni,
Tenu @suit suit karda,

Jhanjran de shor ne,
Chandni chownk ch,
tabahi jehi paayi aa,
Puchde ne munde,
Daso kudi kithon aayi aa -x2.

Haye ni bacha bacha phire  -x2.
Phire bacha-bacha tere utte marda,
Tenu suit suit karda.

Know whatever you at bae,
You can make the whole room stare,
But you know that my favourite,
Is when you rock it this is way.

Ooh! your little black dress,
You don’t do it for me,
You know how to impress,
Just give it to me,
No jeans, no dresses, no tee’s no,
My queen, she’s in a saree yeah!
Now keep it desi,
Like you are in Delhi,
You got ripped a team shout it,
I know deflexing somebody me,
You should be checking,
Cause I want to make you my rani.
Rock with me.

Oh, oh, oh, oh,

Black, yellow, red gore mukhde te jachda
Dekh-dekh mundeya da dil rehnda nachda -x2.

Black, yellow, red jadon,
paa ke ni tu nikle,
Mundeya de seeneya cho,
Dil udon fisle [x2],

Tenu lage na nazar meri lage na nazar
Meri lage na nazar dil darda,

Kehno dil wali gal
Dil wali gal kehno guru darda,

Tenu soot suit karda,
O ni lagdi punjaban,
Lagdi patola
Lage ni tu saareyan toh vakh ni,
Tenu #suit #suit karda -x2.

Now keep it desi,
till feeling that,
That suit,
You look so good,
Now keep it desi.


In this song guru randhawa sings to a Punjabi girl that, the traditional Punjabi suit (Soot) suits you very much and you look fabulous in it while arjun sings the same but in his own way and in English. By the way entertaining music video of the song is directed by Robby.