Zack Knight – Galtiyan

Zack Knight - GaltiyanGaltiyan is most fresh song with music production of Zack Knight. The song has Punjabi lyrics from S Mukhtiar, Zack Knight & Amar Sandhu. The music video of “GALTIYAN” song is created by RR Productions.


You know I need your loving everyday, girl
There’s never been a minute that I don’t think about you
Cause everything about you, girl is major.

Tu nakhre na kar
Yun shad ke tu na ja
Tu har wele kehndi tu down-down for me
Ni mere jeya, warga lab ke dikhaja, baby tu.

Ni kudiye bhul na ja
Sade pyar diyan mulkatan
Ni kudiye bhul java, teriyan galtiyan nu,

Tere naal kitiyan jo
Jaan ke ni hoiyan
Tenu mh samajavan
Meriyan galtiyan nu tu bul ja.

We running out of love I need a lifeline
Cause all these other women,
they ain’t nothing around you,
You never said you would but for the last time.

Tu nakhrey na kar yun shad ke tu na ja
Tu har wele kendi tu down, down for me
Ni mere jeya varga labb ke dikha ja, baby tu.

Ke ainve tenu mileya mud ke tu aja
Tu har wele kendi si down-down for me
ni mere jaya varga labke dakhaja,
baby tu.

Ni kudiye bhull na ja
Sade pyar diyan mulaqatan
Ni kudiye bhul jawa
Teriyan galtiyan nu.

Tere naal kitiyan jo, jaane ke ni hoiyan
Tainu main samajawa
Meriya galtiya nu tu bhul ja.

So before we in battle,
Before its outta control,
And you start a war,
But can we try it again?

Cause I know I been foolish
With all these girls on my phone
But you took my heart
And you threw it away.