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Mehram song from Coke Studio Season 14 has drop-dead gorgeous Urdu lyrics and a nice-looking English translation with say by Arooj Aftab, Asfar Hussain. The breathtaking lyrics of the Tu Mehram Na Raha single were written down by Asfar Hussain, Xulfi. Asfar Hussain, Xulfi was the master of MEHRAM’s likeable music. The pleasure-some music video for the exquisite chant was ordered by Murtaza Niaz.


Track: Mehram
Artist: Arooj Aftab, Asfar Hussain
Writer of Poetry: Asfar Hussain, Xulfi
Producer: Asfar Hussain, Xulfi
Director: Murtaza Niaz


Jurr Na Paaye Baad Tere, Tukre Dil Ke Rakhun Kya
So shattered since you left. What hope is there for this heart bereft?
Yaad Teri Koi Baat Nahi, Lafzon Main Mein Likhun Kya
It’s a sentiment, not a narrative. Your memory can’t be in words expressed.

Chhaaon Thi Tere Saath Ki, Be-Rehem Dhoop Mein
Your being was like a seamless shade From the scorching sun’s crest.
Deewanawaar Phirun Kho Ke Apna Saebaan
And now, I’m burning and adrift, with nowhere for myself to protect.
Tu Mehram Na Raha Mera Tu Mehram Na Raha
Once my own, you’re now forever gone. You’re now forever gone.

Chup Ne Aisi Baat Kahi Khamoshi Mein Sun Beithay
Silence spoke so intensely That unsaid words took form.
Janmon Jo Naa Beet Sakay Hum Vo Andhere Chun Beithay
What time could never heal, We let that darkness dawn.

Kitni Karun Mein Iltija, Sath Ki Chand Se
Yearning for you in the dark, With the moon in the night sky so stark.
Dil Bhar Ke Aahein Thak Gaya, Phir Bhi Na Ro Paae Hum
This pain has made the heart frail. Tears fall short for all I have borne.

Tu Mehram Naa Raha Mera, Tu Mehram Na Raha
Once my own, you’re now forever gone. You’re now forever gone.
Mein sun raha tha sabhi, Tu sun saka na, kabhi
All you meant, I understood. No no, you never could.

Uljhi Sab Khwahishon Mein, Lafzon Ki Barishon Mein
In an ocean of all desired, In a surge of words transpired,
Dil Ka Makaan Na Raha
The heart has been forsaken and alone
Na Raha
Forever gone.
Tu Mehram Na Raha Mera, Tu Mehram Na Raha
Once my own, you’re now forever gone. You’re now forever gone.

Mehram Music Video | Arooj Aftab | Asfar Hussain

Play the freshly released music video for Mehram with neat lyrics nimbly hummed by Asfar Hussain, Arooj Aftab.

Read the wizard lyrics of Asfar Hussain, Arooj Aftab’s hot Urdu song Mehram with their meaning. The ballad-monger Asfar Hussain, Xulfi pens-down the ace Tu Mehram Na Raha lyrics.

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